Saling, A sobriety necklace, Guest posting, Blog Conferences, and Lil Kid Things

Numero Uno:
Trust me. If you live near me, you want to come to the multiple-fabulous-women garage sale that I'm a part of this Saturday. Seriously. If I happened upon this sale instead of schlepping my own lovelies in it, I would FREAK. Email me for details if you're interested. P.S. The hard thing about garage sales is that marking your things is a lot of work. But you knew that.

Numero Dos:
Ellie (gosh, I love that woman) sent me my sobriety necklace a number of days ago and I wear it every day. I'm in love with it. And the one day I did forget to wear it, Miles said, Oh Mommy, you forgot to put that necklace on you that reminds you to not drink wine. Oh my heart. (Yes, my 4 (almost 5) year old knows about my wine issue-in terms he can understand, of course.)

Numero Tres:
I was asked to guest post in a couple of really great places today, so I quickly grabbed a couple of archived posts that people say they especially enjoyed (which is nice of you all) and passed them on. Little did I know that I would re-read them to see if I even wanted to have them posted again, and find myself totally shocked at the way I used to write about my addiction without even knowing that's what I was referring to. Huh.

Numero Cuatro:
One of these guest posts is up at A Design So Vast, one of my very most favorite places in all of Internetdom. Thank you for having me, Lindsey. It's an honor to be in your space.

Numero Cinco:
The other guest post is up at The Never-True Tales, yet another of my favorite places to visit. Amy Whitley captured me with her writing quite a while ago, and I continue to love getting to know her.
(Head on over to the links above and see what you think about my subconscious when I wrote them. It's...interesting.)
(Also, both of the above women will be published authors one day. Mark my words.)

Numero Seis:
Now that it's May, I'm getting more and more excited about Spring/Summer because of the weather and fun outside with my two short people, of course, and also because I'll be getting to see/meet so many blogging cronies/pals/friends/amigos. First at The Casual Blogger's Conference in just three weeks (where I will speak on both depression and faith, because I'm that multi-faceted/intriguing/mysterious) (That was a joke), and then I'll be headed to New York in August for BlogHer. I'm not sure how it happened, but I've never been to New York, and I'm loving this reason to go. While I'm there, I'm going to get picked up in the cash cab. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just ignore me. If you do, I LOVE THAT SHOW.

Numero Siete:
And finally, the lovely Andrea of Lil Kid Things interviewed me! The answers are up at her place today. It was fun. I pretended to be famous and mixed my responses with both a little wit and a little charm and then a dash of wisdom. (OK fine. I didn't. But I did answer honestly and stuff like that.) (Grandma, click on "Lil Kid Things" above to read the interview.)

This post is a part of Seven Quick Takes at Conversion Diary. Thank you once again, Jennifer. You help me expel the over-flowing contents of my brain on a weekly basis. Without you, I would be even nuttier.

Happy weekend, friends!


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