On motherhood and addiction: My whole story

A fellow Minnesota blogger, Missy the Marketing Mama, is doing a health and wellness series on her blog with all kinds of information on varying topics. Today's topic is motherhood and addiction, and when Missy asked me to share my story, I was happy to do it and I'll tell you why in a sec.

If you've wondered at all about what my drinking was like (as in, the details) and what happened to get me to stop, I'm over at Missy's place today sharing the specifics of my story.

Please know that I agreed to do this because I think Missy is doing an amazing thing with this educational series, not because I want you to sit riveted in front of my sad addiction story. Actually, I don't. I hesitated before saying yes for that very reason. I don't want this to be about me. I wanted to do this because it's my truth and the truth can help other women like me. Also, Missy has asked some professionals from the amazing Hazelden Treatment Center to answer any questions her readers might have about addiction, and I think that rocks the party.

See you there.

Oh and while I'm on the topic of addiction, I wanted to thank you for your comments on my post The T Word. Seriously, there aren't enough words to tell you how grateful I am for you. Thank you.


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