all that cake'll rot your teeth

All this time, I've been photoshopping our teeth. We actually have terrible dental hygiene.

Just thought you should know.


Also. A little while ago, I shared the details of my Motherhood and Addiction story over at Missy's place. The comments were open for questions. A Hazelden expert has answered those questions today, if you'd like to take a look.

Thank you all for your birthday wishes for Asher earlier today. You rock the birthday party.

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Amanda said...

Ha! Love the layout.

Will have to check out those questions and answers... seeing as I live like 2 seconds from Hazeldon. (thats an ok reason right? RIGHT!?)

When Matthew Perry was there I was seriously considering dropping by.

Dang security.


P.S. This was my word verification.

Not exactly a good word for a keyboard pecker like myself.

Did I just call myself a pecker?


Anonymous said...

WHERE did you get those teeth? My hubby's birthday is coming up in a month and I can think of nothing he'd like better . . .

Casey Freeland said...

Best part is Mom's tight-lipped smile. "I'm not doin' that."

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

LOVE it - I always love the mustache photos, but the teeth are new to me, so cute and unique!

Anonymous said...


da mainiac mama said...

Fun pics!

Happy Birthday to your little man. :) July is a good month for birthdays. (my oldest turns 5 on the 25th) Which makes July a VERY good month.

Robin said...

Can I possibly fit "ewww" and "awww" in the same comment? I will! I just did! There!

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