a new roof=entirely different house (with glimpses of other works in progress)

First glimpse (isn't glimpse a weird word?) (Gu-limp-sah)
Dining Lighting (and orange curtains and gray paint)

About one hundred years ago, I started a new "series" here on the EO called One Room at a Time. The idea was to show you a before and after photo as we finish updating each room of our not-so-new-to-us-anymore house. I said that we were doing one room every weekend. (I have no idea why I would say such a completely ridiculous and unfeasible thing.)

We've been plugging away slowly but surely (and sporadically) on The House of EO, yo. So...I haven't completely forgotten about the One Room at a Time thing. It's just that we have yet to entirely finish even one room since the office. If we were artists that paint, let's just say that we'd be the type of painters that draw something out and start to fill in the green of the grass or the blue of the sky and then suddenly we'd start filling in all the gaps on the whole canvas with random splatters. Or something.

So I probably should have titled this adventure Multiple Parts of Multiple Rooms at Lots of Different Times.

And now, even though you've most likely completely forgotten the stupid series thing since I know you've been waiting on pins and needles and with bated breath and are probably tired of this overwhelming sense of anticipation you've been enduring, I will share some teeny tiny glimpses of our many works in progress with you.

dining chairs (Target clearance)

den/living room throw pillows (Target)

kitchen backsplash (glass tile) (special purchase-Home Depot)
(very freshly grouted)
(that was my way of explaining the speckles)
(speckles-another weird word)

hanging lights (Menards clearance)

love seat (Macy's clearance)

Ikea coffee table

Ikea frame with Charley Harper calendar page

I know. I know. I just showed you pretty much nothing. That's because every room is pretty much a work in progress, much like yours truly, so the big picture, the rooms as a whole, well...they're...not even close to done (like I said, much like yours truly).

I'll share photos of the rooms in their entirety (the paint colors are WOW, by the way) when it's all finished. (So, in about another hundred years or so.)

In the meantime, we Ryan built a shed. (He rocks the Handy Man party.) And I already told you that he and the boys built a playhouse. My point? We get sidetracked a lot. We could be simply finishing painting a room or hanging curtains or something...but no...

Shed in progress

I'm kind of sort of not that good at decision-making. So I'm very grateful for our family friend, Sharon. She is exceptionally gifted in all things creativity and home decor. She LOVES to help people decorate/update/renovate their homes. She's pretty much made all the decisions for me and I love it that way. I fully trust her intuition and expertise.

And she game me this:

owl cookie jar (his name is Oatmeal Raisin)

Now, to end this riveting tour,
let us close with a before and after
of the outside of our humble abode,
shall we?

Before (about NINE months ago) (How'd THAT happen?)

Now. Before you scroll down for the after photo...be warned that the garage doors have not yet been painted. So...it looks a bit wonky, but we'll get there. In about one hundred years...




Remember that one time, when I mentioned that my Contractor Dad and his employees and my Ryan were replacing the roof?

Yeah. They did. And we love it. And then just yesterday, Ryan and my Dad painted it...


I'm going to show it to you...




I told you to ignore the garage doors!
(and also, the blue turned out a bit brighter than we expected)

the entry is my favorite

These pictures just really can't do it justice. Or wait. This photographer can't do it justice. There was a tree and lighting I didn't know what to do with...so...I should take a class or something.

Anyway. You get the idea.

Thank you for checking out my gah-limp-saz.

The End.

{The stores I've mentioned have nothing to do with this post. I'm just letting you know where we shop so if you're a stalker you'll know where to look for us in case you really like something and want to know where to get it.}

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