coming soon: an extravaganza of epic proportions (brought to you by this here EO and OMyFamily)

I'm like a little elf over here, tinkering away with my secret surprises. I love it. A girl's gotta add a little joy and giving to the holiday season, no?

That's why my friend Allison from OMyFamily and I have been brewing up something to:

a) give you great ideas for unique holiday gifts.
b) give you a chance to win (or get great deals on) said holiday gifts.
And my favorite,
c) bring exposure to an organization that rocks my socks.

Here's the dealio. I struggle with the materialism of the holiday season and I don't keep that a secret. I don't love the mall. That's just the truth. I have trouble getting my heart into the giving spirit when I look around and get a bit itchy over all the stuff, stuff and more stuff.

So. Allison and I put our heads together and we talked about what we DO love. We love supporting small companies that are just starting out (or simply staying small). We especially love handmade (but are not handmade purists). And we also love Chipotle, but that has nothing to do with this.

All of that to say, we loved the idea of doing a holiday giveaway focused on small business/handmade goods. But that wasn't quite enough...we wanted this whole EPIC EXTRAVAGANZA to support something, not our blogs, not just gifting, not just...stuff.

So we found a way, a hopefully very non-pushy way, to have this whole event share our love for something else. An organization called Bead for Life.

Please come back on Monday and learn more about Bead for Life, what we have up our sleeves, and enter for your first chance to win (it's gonna be a doozy, friends). Then all through the week, keep coming back for more truly good giveaways (on BOTH of our blogs) while continuing to learn more about Bead for Life . At the end of the week, you'll even have a chance to win a killer package of goodies from the lovely people at Bead for Life. (For real. Killer. We wanted to do this for them and they turned around and got all generous on us.)

I hope you'll join us, starting this coming Monday, for what we're calling Gifts for Life here on the EO and at OMyFamily.

over and out.

P.S. I realize that "epic extravaganza" may sound a bit dramatic, but I still like how it sounds and also, I'm that excited.

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Keyona said...

Sounds awesome!

Johanna @ These Prices said...

The two of you partnering could be nothing less than epic.

Cristina said...

Bead for Life is awesome!

Candy said...

I love Bead for Life. I also love Chipotle. And after a brief trip to the mall today... I. Am. Itchy. Bring it, sister!

Amy @ Never-True Tales said...

Color me intrigued! Will be back to learn more!

Vanessa said...

Oh I am SO RIGHT THERE WITH YOU (sorry about the caps) on the materialism.
I've clicked on the link and will check it out.
And I'll be back to check out said epic extravaganza!

Pamela said...

I, too, hate the mall.
I would have to be medicated into zombieland in order to survive a trip.
This partay sounds just about right.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Sounds wonderful! Can't wait!


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