hiccup block

There are many options for attempting to get rid of a bad case of the hiccups:
  1. Eating a spoonful of peanut butter
  2. Eating a spoonful of sugar
  3. Eating a spoonful of frozen OJ concentrate
  4. Putting a paper towel over a glass and drinking through said paper towel*
  5. Plugging your ears and nose and having someone feed you a glass of water while your hands are otherwise occupied with the plugging of orifices*
  6. Drinking a glass of water upside down-ish (Don't ask, it's hard to explain in writing.)*
  7. Holding your breath while swallowing three times
  8. Blowing up a balloon, especially when you don't know how
  9. Taking the deepest breath ever and then forcing yourself to swallow when you absolutely cannot hold your breath any longer
  10. Or I suppose you could just wait, but this has become my least favorite idea.
(The *'s are for the ones I had heard of before but had forgotten. The rest? I had no idea.)

This is what a girl learns when she feels she has tried everything to help her child end his longest bout ever with the involuntary spasms that are hiccups, but then she asks Twitter for help.

My tweet: "Yo, how do you treat a bad case of the hiccups, tweeps?" (Or something like that.)

All of the above suggestions came right after I asked The Twitter this question and one of them worked immediately. Wanna guess which one it was?
(It was given to me by my pal Allison of OMyFamily.)

(She should win a prize, that's what Miles says.)


I was just sitting here trying to think of the last time I wrote something meaningful and then I felt like I haven't written anything worth reading in a long time and then I wondered why and then I started to doubt that I'll ever write anything creative or even somewhat good-ish in this space ever again and then I decided to just shut my head off and write some run-on sentences and then tell you about hiccups. Who knows? Maybe I've saved a life. That would be important and meaningful. Hiccuping can be dangerous.

Sometimes finding inspiration for writing anything anywhere is as tricky as finding the right remedy for a child that has hiccuped for hours and hours. Sooner or later it will just come out of nowhere, most likely from someone you love.

I'm tired. Can you tell? I spent a couple of days at I_Blog and let me just say that it was a lovely time. I should keep it at that for now. Because obviously I should go to bed.


OH, P.S. The answer to the hiccup thing? Number 6. Um...you know, the one that's hard to explain, soooo....use your imagination?

You're welcome.

P.P.S. Ryan just told me that the woman who held the record for having the hiccups the longest murdered someone. So there you have it. I probably did save a life.

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Keyona said...

You are hilarious! Love you girl!

Corinne said...

You know, I had the hiccups tonight, and I totally did #6 with you in mind :)
(I wish I was kidding - it was the most hysterical thing I have ever done!!)

Anonymous said...

That's what we always do when we have hiccups.

I'm sorry I ended up not able to go to the conference. :( I would have loved to meet up with you.

Robin said...

can't wait to try #6 the next time we need it.

trishatfox said...

I have two never fail techniques: tickle the top of your mouth with a Q-tip or with your tongue...but your have to do it really fast.
Also, my sister, who is a middle school teacher, tells students who have the hiccups that she'll give them a dollar if they can stare at her hiccup 'right now. Come on, let's here it. Right now.' And then, magically, because they really, really want to, they can't. She's never had to pay.

rebecca @ altared spaces said...

This is my method for curing hiccoughs too and it almost never fails. Both to cure and to get me wet. But by the time I'm willing to resort to it I don't really care.

I'm tired too. And exhilerated. Because I feel like I'm on this new journey. It's probably why I'm not writing super much. Having my own journey is when I'm too busy to reflect. Reflecting will come later. Then I'll write. Live. Reflect. Write. Live some more. That seems to be the cycle of my life.

I'm wishing you some savasana (do you know this yoga term?) and sleep.

Angie said...

Ok. The trick to #6? Stick a knife in the glass. Balance the tip of the knife (dinner, not sharp.. tee hee) on your forehead the whole time you're drinking. Drink it all in one fell swoop (is that how you say that?). It has never failed.

Although when I say, "Go drink a knife" to my kids when they get the hiccups, I get tons of weird stares. :)

Don't stress over not writing "meaningful"... just enjoy life. Reflecting will come. Still praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Whenever my oldest gets the hiccups he tells me he has a sore tummy. It's funny how they are set off by these things.

And hey, we love to come here to read whatever. Sometimes whatever is good and refreshing too!

Anonymous said...

We do the "take your mind off it" thing with hiccups. If you forget about them they go away, works everytime with my kids (and me)

Laura said...

One more great way, especially for kids (it's all about focusing).
Try to get your two index fingers as close as possible to each other WITHOUT ACTUALLY TOUCHING. This from my sister who is a kindergarten teacher...works like a charm, & everyone stays dry!

AllisonO of O My Family said...

You write whatever you want in this space, Mama. Hell, walk away from it for a week if you need to (as I've been wont to do). You are real and this is your real life, hiccups and all.

Stephanie said...

The peanut butter "trick" [almost] always works for me.


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