my new home

Hi! I have a new domain! It's over on wordpress at www.extraordinary-ordinary.net

I have no idea yet if your subscriptions are going to transfer over--whether you are subscribed by email, via RSS feed or google friend connect. So, stay tuned. (Please.)

In the meantime, go check out the new site! (Please.)

Once we figure out what happens to all of you who are currently subscribed, I will pass along some more information. For now, I'll continue to put all new posts here, for those of you who subscribe. I'll also be posting a new post on the new site and who knows? Maybe it will magically transfer for subscribers? We shall see...and if that's the case, you won't have to do any of that re-subscribing stuff.

SIDENOTE: Yeah, this is all so technical, it makes my head spin, but it's going to be OKAY.
(that last part was a note to self)

Thank you, friends.

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Robin Arnold said...

You are right where you belong in my Google Reader and it clicks right through slick as can be. Thank you very much. Love ya!

Amber @ The Mom Road said...

bringing over your gfc followers is pretty easy, go to google friend connect. Under settings, advanced, alternate url, add your new site. Then get the code and add it as a widget. I use feedburner for my rss, so switching that is pretty easy. I'm in the process of moving my site to wordpress now. If you need any help, I might be able to. I'm @momroad on twitter.

Kaycee said...

Do you want us to change the subscription in our readers to www.extraordinary-ordinary.net? If that's your permanent new home and it's easier for you I would be happy to do that! :)

PhD in Finance by Shaz said...

I agree with you. As mothers we often prioritize family needs first, forgetting our own needs. This simply shows and proves how much we love our family so much and thinking less of ourselves. Kudos to you for being so responsible and a loving mom! Our physical features depreciate but the love for our family grows more each day.

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