You guessed it, I'm Heather.
About me...about me...let's see...

When people ask what do you do, I say, I Mom a lot. Then if they ask if I work outside the home I answer no, or sometimes I add, I'm a writer or I'm a blogger. And then other times I confuse them with, I'm a wrogger. I wonder sometimes if these answers count, even though I know that it all counts, and that's why I tell stories here.

Before I was a mother, I worked in social work, providing services for people struggling with mental illness. Sometimes I miss that, but most of the time I love that I stay at home with my boys and write from my office/den/guest room. I'm on a bumpy road to recovery from addiction and I write about it here, hopefully not all the time because I am so much more than it. Recovery is what's going on with me, so I tell its story here.

I wax philosophical on motherhood and life in this space. Sure, I write about more than motherhood now, including sobriety, but everything here is mostly still the same.

I'm forever grateful for the support and love I've found in this space. Did you know that I most likely would not be sober without the stories that were being told right here online? If courageous women had not admitted their struggle, I wouldn't have seen myself in their story and decided to get help. I love it when the worldwide web is used for good.

I used to want to change the whole entire world, you know, every writer's dream, to be known. But I don't expect that anymore. Now I hope to have a great impact on my tiny little corner of it, within myself and the lives of my husband and children. I used to think that wasn't enough, somehow too ordinary, but as it turns out, humility showed me it isn't. It's extraordinary.

When I have the energy, I'm one of those people who looks at life as a daring adventure, dreaming up all kinds of things to do and be right here in the ordinary. My adventure includes one husband, two small boys, ages 4.5 and 2.5, a dog, 2nd John the fish, and the minivan I never thought I would have.

This blog and my life revolve around several themes, like my faith, motherhood, depression, addiction, our family's journey with Asher's hydrocephalus, and finding my way to a fully alive existence.

Blogging reminded me that I love to write. And then it somehow moved me to write about all of life - the good, the bad, and all that is in the extraordinary in-between.

And now that I've made it clear numerous times why this blog is titled The Extraordinary Ordinary, I will stop.

Thank you for visiting me.

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LoveFeast Table said...

I am so glad you stopped by our Table, because I love the mojo at yours!! You're beautiful and the way you transparently tell your story, well, it's refreshing and real. I like that! Thanks for your kind words today! They made me smile!

Josh said...

Hi, hope its OK to contact you here. would love to include your blog on our giveaway blog network: Giveaway Scout (http://www.giveawayscout.com). Have a look and if interested drop us a line on our contact form (http://www.giveawayscout.com/contact/). thanks, Josh"

Danielle said...

I am not a mom, I am not in recovery, and I haven't quite figured out how I feel about my faith... but your blog is absolutely, positively inspiring to me. I too choose to look at life as a daring adventure and in some odd way, it's comforting to know that it always can be, even with the road bumps along the way. Thank you for your writing, I especially love the well, hello there :).

TV's Take said...

Great blog and congrats on your award. As a past MN resident I am following your blog. Hope your enjoying the holidays!

Amy Sorrells said...

I love your blog. Just wanted to tell you that. Perused here while I had a break working my night shift last night, and just love it here. Thanks for your gift of hope and words! Blessings for 2010.

work in progress said...

Ok- I am flat out giddy I found your blog. What I have read so far is such great writing and so inspiring. I feel envious to be honest, but I'm fighting that little beasty. We have so much in common and I find I am admiring you and I don't feel so terrible and ashamed that I drank at the same time I have a child I love so fiercely.

Not to push my blog on you and thanks for reading my last post, but this post I wrote months ago is on being ordinary. I won't send another. I know you must be busy with so many followers. Just that I think Ordinary ROCKS!


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