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Anonymous said...


you should read this blog little boys name is carter and has to deal with shunts as well

Carrie said...

Heather, I am new to your blog but am fascinated already. I love the reality tv show idea. I am a reality tv fan, but this would be "real" reality and I imagine with all your balls in the air so many of us moms with many hats would find lots to relate to. Good luck, and I'll be watching!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes Dads do the work too, I make the lunch, struggle up in the morning to amble off to the bus stop and then medicate myself through the morning and afternoon. Try to figure out a dinner and get the laundry done while acting "normal". Pollute myself to sleep at 3 am. Not sure how I get through every day. Tomorrow is my next battle. I can't even see the war. This is what I'm thinking.

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