If you'd like to learn more about sponsored space rates and sizes, I've included my email address at the end of this post. Shoot me a message and I'll answer your questions just as soon as I can.

Since you've stopped by, I will thank you for your time by including the list below. Just so you know, I feel a bit itchy tooting my horn like this. Here goes:

* The Extraordinary Ordinary won the BlogLuxe Award for Blog You've Learned the Most From in August of 2010.

* I was named one of the Nielsen Rating's Top 50 Power Moms of 2009. Sites are chosen based on traffic, comments, content, and online influence.

* In May of 2010 I was a speaker at The Casual Blogger Conference and will speak again in September at The Minnesota Blogger's Conference in Minneapolis.

* In July of 2010 I was contacted by a literary agent who inquired on whether or not I would like to write a book. I answered with a resounding YES and am currently working on my first manuscript. I'm forever grateful to Meg Thompson of LJK Agency in New York for believing I have a unique way with words and the ability to share my story through a book.


I believe a blogger's influence is based soundly in authentic connection and therefore cannot be based on traffic/numbers/stats... and yet, I'm happy to give you said numbers if you so desire.

As my friend Maggie (who is co-authoring the book I referred to above) says, "My personal belief is traffic can be tricked or even purchased, and stats can be fickle. I believe there are far better measures of personal blog engagement, and so I asked a few readers for their thoughts–please read them below."

(Because I thought this idea was brilliant (and I give Maggie all the credit for it), I have followed in her footsteps and asked my readers why they come back to The EO time and again.)


"Heather's ability to connect with her audience is both impressive and unique. Through her poignant and often vulnerable words she reaches through the computer screen and captivates the hearts of her readers, often even moving them to action. Her presence in the blogosphere is well known and only continues to grow as she builds her community here on the EO." - Allison of O My Family

"Heather's writing captures the beauty in struggle and the struggle in beauty. Her blog's popularity reflects her willingness to break open her heart and offer up its contents in support and celebration of Motherhood and Humanity. Plus, she is adorable and pocket-sized." - Ann of Ann's Rants

"Heather is real. The most raw and genuine blogger that I've encountered in my four years of blogging. She draws a large audience not through giveaways and promotions, but through being thoroughly and genuinely herself. People are drawn to that, because in being her very real, fabulous self, Heather gives permission to her readers to do the same. You can't put a price on that. You can't buy sincerity, a warm heart, or an uplifting soul, but Heather gives it away for free daily. That's the beauty of her. That's what brings readers to her and keeps them coming back." - Kimberly of Temporary?Insanity

“Reading a post at The Extraordinary Ordinary is like reading a journal entry from a friend who’s bracingly honest, unfailingly witty, achingly poetic and smart as a tack. Heather never ceases to encourage and amaze. She is one of the most authentic voices in the blog world. I believe most of her readers view her as a friend. What a compliment.” -Kelly of Love Well

"Whenever I visit The Extraordinary Ordinary I feel like I'm coming home. Coming home to a place where I'm welcome and understood. Heather writes with such honesty and always in a way that makes the reader feel comfortable and wanted. I read her words because in them I find self-understanding. She connects with her readers, not only through her words, but in how she carries the relationships beyond the blog posts. That's a magical gift, one I find inspiring." - Christine of Coffees and Commutes

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