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This photo was captured after I found Miles had gotten into my underwear drawer. As you can see, he couldn't quite figure out how they work. That's a bit like how I feel about blogging. I was inspired by my friend, Kelly to do this blogging thing. I'm SO not computer smart, but since Ryan is, I can always ask him questions. Okay, so I already have twice today (second time he answered his phone, "blog hotline" - cute). I think this is an excellent way to keep people updated and to be in touch as life gets crazier all the time! And I have to admit, this is quite a fun thing to learn. Hopefully I'll faithfully report current "important" information about our family. Like how the potty training is going (hasn't), and whether or not we've gotten any sleep lately (haven't).
P.S. I like to ramble, so watch out!

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C said...

You Blog, Girl!! :)~

It is customary in the "Blogging-Post-Commenter" community for a commenter to declare a sort of ownership of newly scripted blog posts by racing to place the first comment to said post. (Think explorer erecting flag on North Pole, Moon, etc...)

Typically, this braggadocio is rendered through a rather obnoxious, utterly avoidant of topic, singularly worded comment containing only the utterance:


Since you are sponging up info on all-things-blog, I thought I would share this little pearl of wisdom with you...

Whilst, also, claiming your inaugural post as mine ~ for some future cyper-tally that will undoubtedly advance my place in line on the road to St. Peter!

Ha! ;)~

You rock.

Kelly and Kyle Vlach said...

ok--that first comment is way above my head so i'll just say, "Second!"

i look forward to checking in on these kiddos! i know it will bring a smile to my face evertime.

look out heather--this stuff is addicting!

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