I Can't Cry Anymore

Good news everyone! It appears that our "little" Asher is on the road to recovery. He's finished his twelve step "stop crying" program and has joined us in the land of the smiling. These may have been the longest three months of our lives, but isn't it something how trials can also then feel like the best times in life. We have more character now! Or maybe just another character in our family. (:
Asher is a joy to have around. Miles continues to want to eat him up with love and affection.
Miles is talking up a storm. He just walked up to me and said, "mommy, I'm right here, look at my bring, I need to take a bath, hey, how do you get this thing off? My flashlight, I find this thing apart." Um... okay honey. I don't know which part to respond to really. Maybe you could clarify....
These two boys are the best thing that could ever happen to a Ryan and Heather.
Latest funny word by Miles : Mushmash. Translation: Moustache.

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