Old Souls

My mom really wanted some good new pics of Zach, Max, Miles and Asher but they all happened to turn out like this. Miles had just gotten up, was getting a cold, and thought the "fun" in the leaves was pretty dumb. We couldn't wipe this look off his face to save our lives. And Asher wouldn't wake up for the photo shoot. Oh well, isn't that how it goes? I love the furrowed brow look Miles has anyway. At times he is just so serious, you can't get him to stop turning those wheels in his head for a second. You have to wonder what he's thinking. Then he can be a total clown too. He has that reputation at school - the one to make all the others laugh. I love that.

Miles is finding out he really does like fall. He talks about the colors of the leaves changing on the trees and how they're going to fall off and then it will snow. He LOVES to be outside so this week has been pretty frustrating for him. Miles and Asher both have bad colds, then daddy got it and it's been raining pretty much every day. So let's just say Miles is a bit cooped up. Sometimes he just runs back and forth in one room and says "I got my runnin' shoes on, mommy!" This boy's vocab. is getting pretty ridiculously large. I love waiting to see what he might say next. It's so entertaining!

Asher is growing like a weed. Despite all his tummy troubles, he's quite a chunk. He is smiling and giggling a lot now and loves to watch us from his bouncy seat (for at least five minutes before he wants to be picked up again). He has a very prominent dimple on his right cheek - just like Miles. It's fun to finally see a little personality coming from this baby - the poor guy had no chance to be himself for the first few months with all his troubles. We're so happy to see him smile so much. Uncle Kevin was over recently and couldn't get over how happy Asher seems. He also got a glimpse of the "old soul" he seems to be. Kevin was telling me something serious and Asher was fixated on him with a look of concern on his face. He seems to connect in a way far beyond his years. I remember Miles doing that too. What a blessing to have these two boys who seem so sensitive and caring from the start. We won't think about how it's our job to help keep it that way - way too much pressure!

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