First Christmas Program

Miles' school had their Christmas program today. It was a hoot! Miles mostly just stood there looking at all the other kids singing and doing actions. He's a silent observer type, you know. The picture on the right is Miles' best friend from school. He's from Norway and his name is Johanis (YO HAHN ISS or HAHNUS, if you're Miles). The kids danced and sang and we had cookies. What could be better during the Christmas season in Milesy's world? He loves his friends. There were kids from many countries and they brought "gifts" to the manger scene while holding their flag. It was so touching. I love that Miles goes to a school with such a "variety" of kids. To him being different from himself isn't even noticeable because he's always been around such an eclectic group. He goes to school at Luther Seminary. There are a lot of kids of Seminary students there that are from exchange programs, or who have moved to the States to attend school. Anyway, I digress. In short, it was a good time. Miles' good friend Olivia (daughter of Mackenzie and Caleb), also goes to school with Miles but they don't generally go on the same days. So they were excited to see each other as usual. Mackenzie and I joke that all the pics we take now will one day be used in their wedding video. No pressure though, really, we'll try not to force them into an arranged marriage, but it may be hard. Just look at em:

I can't even stand it, how adorable!!!

Anyway, that's what we did today. It was fun. We also had a nice night last night because our friend Sabrina brought over dinner (yum and so nice) and stayed for a visit with us. It's funny because I feel like I've known Sabrina a long time even though this was only the third time I've seen her in person. Other than that, we've gotten to know each other through our blogs. The 2000's are so weird like that. But cool at the same time. It's nice to answer the door to someone you may not have known a long time and feel like you're visiting with an old friend. This cyberspace thing can be very beneficial for speed-relating! :) You can start friendships in a whole new way (well, new to me). I love it. Okay, gotta run... Miles has been finding interesting ways to get my attention for the last fifteen minutes. Currently unloading the pantry.... STOP!

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Kelly and Kyle Vlach said...

Oh I hope I get to come to their wedding! Funny moms. I love that you and Sabrina are chums--cyberspace is the new coffee shop! :-)

Sabrina said...

You are too kind Heather... it was a pleasure to make some food for you and your wonderful family!!

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