The Home Hustle Bustle

( Ryan doing the breakfast hustle bustle - check out that hat!!! Yup, it's a robe too!)
I really don't like Holiday hustle and bustle. And I can't handle too much of it at home either. But I do love it when the hustle and bustle, stressful or not, includes loved ones feeling comfortable enough to join us in our home. Boy did we hustle and bustle last night. I thought about it afterward and smiled because I love it that our friends and family feel at ease enough in relationship with us to show up, anytime and do anything. Starting at about five, things got pretty crazy around here. Asher only had catnaps all day so he was losing it. Miles gets pretty wild starting at about five too, so even if it's just the four of us, our house is "bustling."
At about 5:30 Mackenzie called to see if she and Caleb could drop off Olivia for a couple of hours as they finished Christmas stuff. OF COURSE! So they arrived about 6:00 at the same time as Heather Spears came to pick me up for dinner. I went with Heather and we got back about 8:00pm. (Ryan had been with the kids, no worries, we didn't leave them alone.) It was then time for poker night to start so the guys started to arrive. Then Mackenzie and Caleb came to get Olivia as we were putting Miles to bed, feeding Asher, and Heather Spears was doing her laundry and ours. Meanwhile, an old friend arrived for poker who has never seen the addition Ryan added to our home so Ryan was showing him around. Then Asher lost his mind due to all the commotion. Poor Uncle Kevin got the brunt of it as he picked him up and got the "I WANT MY MOM - NOT YOU" reaction. All of this insanity occurred within a span of about twenty minutes. The most insane part is that I love it. Mackenzie and Caleb know they can call last minute for some Olivia/Miles time. Heather knows she can bring along her laundry and hang out with us as she waits for it to get done. The poker guys know they can come right in and get themselves something to drink or eat. I've always wanted that kind of house. I hope that one day my kid's friends will feel that same kind of comfort and know that they're always welcome. I hope that even if my house is a total mess, it will go unnoticed because of the people in it.
Today we're recuperating a bit. Not that there was anything negative about yesterday, but Asher is the type of guy that needs solace. I'm the same way, so as I'm relating I try to give him what he needs. I don't want him to be unable to handle a little commotion, but I want to respect that he also needs to chill. Don't we all? Miles is a bit that way too. He LOVES his friends, school, church, being out and about, but sometimes he says "I want to go home, mommy." I'm so glad that these two feel safe here and sometimes just long to hang out with mom and dad at home. Hopefully, even when they're older, there will still be a part of them that loves spending time at home. I pray our home will always be a place of safe refuge and unconditional love for our friends and family.
So show up and eat our food and drink our drinks. Make our kids laugh and watch our TV. Throw a load of laundry in and help me make my bed. Bring your kids or your animals and we'll lock up our crazy dog. Stay as long as you'd like, but don't mind if we excuse ourselves to put the kids to bed. Play poker, play ping pong, or my favorite, Boggle. Watch me pick up toys and ask me about the day. I'll ask you about yours. Help me with dishes...or don't, I don't mind! And lastly, always bring your sense of humor and forget your worries. See you soon!

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Sabrina said...

Can I bring treats over anytime i want???

The Kings of Lauderdale said...

um, yeah! COME NOW! (;

Kelly and Kyle Vlach said...

the cookie fairy will be by next week!

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