Small, Bent Christmas Tree - $22, Watching Your Husband Untangle Lights - Priceless

* Actual christmas tree not shown
We only had to go about five blocks to get our tree this year. That was good due to the weather and the small people we brought along. Miles wasn't too sure what the heck we were doing, but we loved watching the "wonder" in his eyes:

He kept saying that he was cold and I would ask if he wanted to get in the car and he'd say no as if it was a silly question. How could I miss this, mom? Asher didn't really get to partake in the festivities due to his newness, but he did come along:We had such a good time doing this today. I don't know what it was. Maybe the beautiful snow that was making it feel all Christmasy. Or maybe because Miles was so excited to have a Christmas tree since it would have lights on it. We had to tie the tree on top our car with twine, like most people do. *We accidentally entwined the freezing, friendly young lady who assisted us to the car:
*not actually strapped to vehicle.

The whole tree-getting thing lasted about a half hour. But then the rest of the afternoon was spent untangling lights and getting them to work. We dug around and realized we only have about five ornaments. There's something endearing about our bent tree with sparse ornamentation though. It's a work in progress. I'm sure when Ryan and I are 60, we'll have a tree full of ornaments collected over the years. I hope Miles and Asher make lots of them.
I just love Christmas. It's so great that there are a couple of months of winter that totally redeem the fact that it's flippin' cold out. It's like the cold just goes along with the goodness of snow, and the warmth of a house filled with cookie smells and a bent tree. Now if only the 50 dollar, estate sale snow blower would work....

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Sabrina said...

Happy December 1st! As much as I don't like the snow, It is fitting that it would snow on the first day of December. It just makes it feel christmasy and merry...

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