My Butt is Grumpy

Yup, he said it. While changing his diaper yesterday, I couldn't believe my ears as I lifted Miles' legs high in the air and he said "my butt is grumpy." Well, I have to agree. It did smell grumpy.
Today we went to see our dear friends Mackenzie and Olivia. Mackenzie is VERY pregnant with baby #2. Olivia is three months older than Miles and they've been buds their whole lives. When Miles got up from his nap I told him we were going to Olivia's house. He said "ooooh, she'll make me feel better." You just never know what he might say or what he might mean by it. I love the ever-expanding vocabulary stage we're in. Tonight when Miles was going to bed, we prayed and then talked about how God made him. He said "my fingers, my foot, my head, my tummy, my zipper." You just can't get any better than that.
I just got Asher to sleep and was singing "doe a deer, a female deer..." for about the millionth time. During one of his crying spells in the car I sang this over and over and it was the only thing that would make him stop. So I tried it when he was crying at home and it worked. For some reason it soothes him. Julie Andrews does a much better job with this though. I feel bad for Ryan and Miles having to hear me sing it over and over. I cannot sing worth a hoot. I could possibly be the world's worst singer. I'm also regretting my song choice. No offense to "The Sound of Music" but it's really quite annoying.
I guess I'm full of random tidbits of info. tonight. I'm extremely tired and I can be quite scattered when I'm tired. I've also quit writing and come back to this quite a few times now and can't keep my train of thought. There isn't much time for blogging in my days these days. A friend said she couldn't understand how I have time to do this because when she sits down to the computer there's an immediate "mama! maaamaaa!" Yup, me too. Hence my scattered thoughts. But it continues to be therapeutic for me to write any kind of thoughts. So even if they are random, they help. I hope that this is something I'll be able to look at years from now and it will help me remember these preschool days. If not for this and pictures, it would all be a blur.
I should say, for the record, that I had some dreams about having a third child. In the dreams, I felt like we were "supposed" to have another baby. That is terrifying and exciting at the same time. So much of parenting is a mix of emotions. I guess I just thought we were done having babies. Maybe we are. We'll figure it out later. If we're having another baby, God really does have a great sense of humor.

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C said...

What if you had a girl. . . ? :)

xo, crock

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