Gobble Gobble

I title this post with the old Thanksgiving standby "Gobble Gobble" simply because that is all we have done since Wednesday. I honestly believe I may have gained five pounds. I've got a real problem with self control in this area. People call me skinny. I call me lucky. If not for my father's metabolism being passed on to me, I would surely be in line for next season's "Biggest Loser."
We just returned home from Spicer (and yes, it was a bit nicer). It was relaxing and fun to see a lot of people we haven't seen in quite some time. Ryan was in my parents home from Wednesday afternoon until last night (Sat.) when we went to the new Mexican joint in Spicer. He was pretty proud of that. He did go outside here and there to run the dog. Now when I say "run the dog" you may picture Ryan literally running with a leash and a dog at the end of it. But instead, you must imagine Ryan on a four-wheeler, a pole sticking out of it's side. The dog is actually attached to the pole. Now before you call animal control, keep in mind that Tia LOVES it. She loves to run. She isn't attached at a length that would cause her any pain or risk of injury. Ofcourse I made sure of that, panicking as my dad, Dave and Ryan hooked her up, chuckling to themselves, so proud of their contraption. "That's too long, she'll take out some trees!!!.... That's too short, she'll be forced under the wheels!!!" Turned out they were right and she was just fine. Ah, life in the country....
but I digress. Thanksgiving was great. Mom made a wonderful meal as usual and there were a lot of family members to make it even sweeter. We ate and ate and ate. Kind of ridiculous really, to never stop eating, but we did it anyway. Then on Friday night I got to go out with some girls I've known my entire life, which is always fun. I can look at their faces and see an eight year old looking back. And then look again and see an eighteen year old. And look once more and be struck with memories of our twenties. It's a beautiful thing, having lifelong friends.
The boys do great at Nanny and Bapa's house. It's almost hard for us to get in the car and go home. My mom spoils us with meals and there's just no pressure there. Ryan calls my parents home an oasis. At one point I was up in the middle of the night with Asher and I went upstairs to get something. I glanced out the window and was struck with memories of a lifetime spent either living at or visiting that house. After all this time, it's the same out that window. Perfectly still, the moon shining down on the water and the trees looming high over the house. There's no movement, no sound, just crisp clean country air. That moment spoke to me of a million little moments just like that one. I am so thankful for my life there, for parents that support us, and for the safe haven that I've always known out by Ringo Lake.
Family, friends, an oasis in the country... what more could we ask for? Okay, maybe I'd ask for high speed internet out at the old oasis. Dial-up stinks. No pressure, mom and dad, no pressure.
Miles' update: Instead of saying "Bapa prayed" or "say your prayers" he says "Bapa said God" or "say God."
He is currently quite into saying he has to go potty, but continues to just sit there and smile, accomplishing no actual bodily functions. We'll get there.....
At times he believes he is his cousin Max and you cannot convince him otherwise.
Latest cute little story: I was putting Miles to bed and we said prayers (or said God) and we finshed and he said "I didn't close my eyes." I explained that it didn't really matter cause God can hear you anyway and He still will take care of you and send angels to take care of you. He then quickly repsonded "uh huh, David!" Um, who's David honey? "David, he gets me more water." I just sat there kind of stunned and had to laugh in wonder because almost every morning we're stumped as to how Miles' diaper is SO soaked that he wets through it even though we only let him drink very little before bed. Hmmm... David the water-getting angel....
Now for Asher: He is IN LOVE with his daddy. He squeals and smiles like crazy every time he gets a glimpse of him. Ryan says Asher is his biggest fan and the only one who laughs at his jokes. Asher is enjoying life more and more all the time, checking everything out and has recently completed the task of rolling over. We can mark that off on the list of milestones. Whew!
Cute little story on Asher: We were eating dinner on Friday night at my parents and he was propped up on a blanket in his car seat on the floor between my mom and dad. He was just smiling and kicking away and before anyone noticed he had slid off the chair and onto the floor. Only his head was still up in the chair and there was a blanket over it! My dad noticed first and just cracked up laughing. We laughed so hard, mostly because he just didn't seem to mind. He has a lot of padding to keep him safe, thank God.

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Sabrina said...

Sounds like you had a wonderfully good time! I'm listening to sara groves Add to the Beauty CD at work... it really is a healing cd! good stuff!

Sabrina said...

P.S. Kelly IS bad! yet she speaks truth. in her own kelly way. are you coming to her wrapping party or what? :)

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