Weekend Update

The boys are freshly in bed and Ryan is out to a movie with his brother, Kevin. Moments like these are so weird for me. Just me. And Tia. And the computer. So I get to finish my "weekend update." I talked about the concert yesterday. It was great. Everyone should go to a Sara Groves concert at least once. She's so talented and tells great stories. She makes you think about things in brand new ways and is so genuine about it. She talked a lot about IJM (International Justice Mission). They were beautiful stories of lawyers and other law enforcement officials going into the darkest places in many different countries to make change. In short, they go for justice. They do a lot of work in Africa with orphaned families of the AIDS crisis. In Asia they do a lot of work to close down brothels where children are sold into slavery. I've added the IJM site to my link list if you want to learn more. So that's that, Sara rocks.

Then on Sunday we had Asher's baptism. He was not called Desmond or any other name besides Asher. He did great. He didn't seem to notice there was water on his head. Ofcourse, he doesn't really know what the point of it all was. Sometimes I wonder about that. But the pastor said that when we baptize an infant the purpose is a recognition that God is always at work in our lives, even at conception. He will "go before" Asher and prepare a way for him. He'll always be working in his life and the baptism simply symbolizes that. I like that. Speaking of Asher. He's waking up and calling for me so I'll keep it shorter than usual (probably refreshing). Happy Thanksgiving! We're headed off to Spicer for a long weekend. They have dial-up so we'll see how much blogging a person can accomplish veeerrry sloooowly.

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Sabrina said...

Happy Thanksgiving Heather! I looked more closely at the picture of Asher's baptism and you have the best look on your face. I can't figure out if you're thinking, Would they please hurry this up or what am I going to blog about next? It was cute.
peace and blessings to you and your family!

Kelly and Kyle Vlach said...

Happy Thanksgiving Heather! Will your meal be "nicer" due to it's location? Looked at picture and I think you are thinking, "Why is my brother-in-law giving the camera those eyes?"

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