"You do what?"

Today Ryan and I worked on some Christmas gifts via the internet. I have to say I LOVE being able to do that. I like to get gifts for other people, but I really don't like the hustle and bustle of crowded stores. It makes me somewhat claustrophobic and panicky. Especially if people are crabby, which 9 times out of 10 they are because they're all stressed about holiday business. Pretty silly. You can come around a corner and almost run into someone and say politely to them, "oh, excuse me, I'm sorry," and they'll scowl at you and storm off. It's so weird. Ba Humbug.
Anyway. I was thinking while creating something on-line that there are people somewhere with jobs related to what I'm doing. They come up with the product and how to say things on their web-site and how to order, etc. That got me thinking of jobs in general. Every once and awhile I entertain the thought of having a random-like-no-one-else-has kind of job. The one I thought of tonight was being employed by Wheel of Fortune to come up with new puzzles for the contestants to solve. I imagined myself at a table with other puzzlers. Someone would say "thing" and we would all have to think of one that's never been on "the Wheel" before like, "crumbled cheese." And then someone would say "phrase" and we'd come up with a catchy little ditty like, "Spicer is nicer" or "It's all good." The hardest ones would definitely be the "before and after" puzzles. I bet we'd sit in the meeting room for hours discussing those. Yup, cool job.... Right?
I think I've figured out one of the reasons I like to blog so much. I don't get to talk grown-upish otherwise. As most two-year-olds could tell you, only what they have to say is important. Well, they wouldn't have to tell you this because you'd figure it out by how much they're interrupting you every time you try to speak. Especially if you try to talk to another grown-up. Oh no, they just can't stand that!
Typical sequence of events when Ryan and I try to have a conversation:
"What, sweetie?"
"Uuuuum, look at that chair."
"Honey, can you tell me about the chair after I finish talking to daddy?"
(return to talking to daddy)
"Mooooomyyyyy, MOM, MOM MOM...."
"Miles, it's rude to not wait your turn, just one moment."
(return to talking to daddy)
"I wanna talk at you mommy, I need to, I want you to talk at ME!!!"
"What is it sweetie?"
"uuuum... you wanna talk at me???"
SO, when Miles is in bed I talk at you. It makes me feel like I've had contact with other grown-ups. It's great. Another reason I love cyber-space.
Speaking of jobs (earlier), I gave up on the hospital psych assistant position because they kept responding to my emails with "check back later." I figure if they had open positions and were interested they wouldn't say that. Bummer. But these (financial) things really do always work out. Maybe I'll get that job with the Wheel.... What random job would you want?

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Kelly and Kyle Vlach said...

I love your blog Heather and I'm so thrilled that you are hooked in cyberspace like I am! In a couple of years my blogging will be looking much like yours with fun kid quotes and stories of my daughter.
My random job idea of the day--cooking and serving food for the cast of The Office...and I would always get to eat with them!

Sabrina said...

I echo Kelly in saying your blog is the bizomb! I would have to say my random job idea would be making greeting cards and decorations for such things as Golden Birthdays and random holidays and "firsts"... first for girls like first training bra and for boys, first jock strap... just random things like that...

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