Down By The Ribber

Miles vocab. update:
Tato - Playdoh
Axis*cent - Accident
Ribber - River
These are about the only words that he doesn't pronounce correctly. Except for licorice. He has some trouble with licorice. Other than that, the kids got a better vocab. than a lot of adults we know. Okay, maybe I'm biased, but he really does know a lot of words.
Tonight we were reading a book and he said, "you're getting tired mommy." Well, he got that right! I was reading pretty slow too. Smart little guy.
Asher is flippin'hilarious these days. He gets a HUGE kick out of Tia. When she plays fetch with Ryan, Asher just cracks up, hysterically laughing. We're not even sure what the joke is, but it is so great to hear that boy laugh. He's also practicing being a talker like Miles. He doesn't speak english, but he sure does go on and on.

Ryan's home this week so Miles has been doing some work for him.
And Asher tried the high chair this week. "Now where's my FOOD?"

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