He's in the Closet

I was putting Miles down for his nap (yes, he still has the stinkin' paci when he sleeps! Get off my back!) and he said, "Mommy, are you sleepy?" and I answered yes, of course. He then asked if Asher was going to take a nap. I told him that Asher was already sleeping. He said "yes, he is, in the closet behind a closed door." Which totally cracked me up because it's true! It sounds so awful when you put it that way! Asher's current "bedroom" is the walk-in closet in our room. That way, he isn't waking Miles up all hours of the night by sharing a room with him. So we figured either the basement or the closet. The closet won out since the basement is sort of out of the question. So we keep our baby in the closet. It's a big closet! Anywho! It works for now. At least he doesn't have to sleep in a box!

Looking at the picture of the closet makes me think,

"Hmmm... Ryan sure has a lot of shirts.
Hmmmm, do I hear Goodwill calling?"

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Sabrina said...

Is that the box that Asher came in? I heard that is how babies are delivered.

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