Little People and Taco Salad

My dear friend Carrie (Crock) came to see us today. She brought Miles and Asher all the Little People they could dream of! Practically the whole town, if not the whole town. She and I reminisced about the Little People of the 70's. We both can vividly remember playing with the blue house and how we would arrange the furniture. Carrie had the daughter sleep on the balcony and sneak out at night. I wonder if she got in trouble with the mom with blond hair and a blue dress. Too bad that era of Little People became known as a choking hazard, in my opinion they were pretty cool. Hours of fun awaits Miles tomorrow. He could hardly stand that he had to stop playing with his new toys to go to bed, so he got to take the construction worker with him.
Speaking of Little People, my friend Tiffany called today about her son, Sam who was born prematurely. He has a virus called RSV and is in intensive care at Children's in Seattle. He's having a rough time and my heart goes out to Tiffany and her family. I can't imagine the fear and stress. The good news is that I may be able to go and be with them for a few days in the next couple of weeks. Ryan and I are trying to work that out. It's just not good to be far away from someone you love so much when they're hurting. I hope it works for me to go.
While Carrie was here, she also made me dinner. We had taco salads, and she did all the work and clean up. Like I've said before, it sure is nice to have such giving people in my life. People who jump right in and help with the baths, meals and bedtimes. Not only that, but can make your kids laugh and smile and get down on the floor and play silly games with them.
I have two healthy (very) little boys, a nice guy to call husband, and good friends. Life is good at our house.

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