Mind Over Stomach Matter

oh, how they grow and change!
This is Miles getting ready for bed. He decided he could comb his hair on his own. While brushing his teeth. Asher is still crinkling his nose constantly and is trying to eat everything as if all of it is edible and he's starving. Does he look like he's starving? He had his 6 month check-up today. He's in the 80th percentile for weight, the 44th for length, and the 99th for head circumference. Too funny. The Dr. said, "does daddy have a big head?" Um...yes. Both of these boys have very big brains. I hope to fill them with my own ideas of course. Like, "your mommy is the best lady in the world, don't ever forget to call her." Or, "You should never say anything bad about your mom, cause she always knows best and besides that, she's perfect." Okay, maybe I won't do that, but it's tempting. This would only create another meaning behind "mom guilt." It would be theirs, rather than mine. hmmmm.....
I am currently staving off the flu. I mean if a person could, it would be me. I have bleached the toys twice. Cloroxed the surfaces a million times and am constantly saying, "no, you can't touch your brother yet, not for a couple more days." Poor Miles, he's gonna have a complex. I also prefer keeping my adrenaline up so as not to relax and have the flu take over my body. I've been feeling a bit funky so I just keep telling myself I must just be hung over, even though I haven't been drunk. I figure if there's anything to this whole "mind-body connection" thing I'm going to take full advantage of it. A girl cannot get the flu when she has mom duties, it's just too cruel. Right?.... And furthermore, Katie brought me Chipotle for lunch today, so there is NO WAY that's coming back up. It would be far too gross and such a shame to waste that tasty treat. Ew, sorry. So here's to believing I can fight off the flu no matter what germs I've consumed. Let's see if it works.
This reminds me that I have gotten sick a pretty limited amount of times in my life (thankfully), but a couple of them have been pretty humiliating. Like when I was in line for The Flume, Floom, how do you spell that? at Valley Fair when I was in the fifth grade. Just leaned over the fence and there went my mac and cheese in front of everyone. I had just gotten off the Enterprise. I don't do well with spinning in circles. It only gets worse with age.
Then there was the other public episode at the bottom of the Space Needle in Seattle. No, not this last trip, but four years ago, right in a bush while Tiff tried to distract people from looking at me. At the time, it's so not cool. But you do end up laughing at the memory.
Tell me yours.

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Sabrina said...

I was invited to my friend Nissa's birthday party\slumber party and I puked spaghetti all over the place! If that wasnt bad enough all the girls reminded me that the year before i got stuck up in her tree house because I was too afraid to climb down the ladder. I think they thought I was cursed! The next year after the puking incident I was convinced i was going to wet the sleeping bag, so I stayed up all night praying that i wouldn't. I didn't. At least i don't think i did... nope that was another party!

k & k said...

Scrambled eggs that came up on my dad on the tilt-a-whirl at the county fair. Oops dad!
Banana's that I gave as a parting gift to the dentist--I told him to be gentle! Then last June...oh wait, this is a family friendly blog! :-)

Jessie said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment... always great to hear from other moms. Makes me feel at least a little bit sane. It's amazing how kids can be so different, yet I bet our day-to-day lives as moms are really similar. Good luck avoiding the flu! By the way, your kids names and pics are adorable too! - Jessie from Arizona

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