Pressing On

I totally don't have time to be doing this, so watch out for grammar and spelling issues! This week has been another insane single parenting week with Ryan out of town. THank the Lord God Almighty that he's coming home tonight. Then I leave for Washington tomorrow to stay through Monday to be with Tiffany and her family as they go through this thing with Sam being in the NICU. Lana and I are going to majorly clean their house in hopes that Sam will be able to come there soon. Today I'll take Asher to the Dr, as he's got a high temp and is not sleeping at all in the last two days (okay, ten minutes here and there, I'll stop exaggerating). poor little guy seems like he's hurting. When I finally got him to sleep early this morning by propping on my chest in my bed, I breathed a very quiet sigh of relief and then...Miles started yelling that he wanted to get up. So I stood up to go get him, which woke Asher, who started screaming his head off like, "thanks a lot lady, I finally fall asleep and then you can't sit still!!!" Ugh. Then I feel bad for Miles because all morning I'm pacing and trying to stop the crying while he watches PBS and waits for some attention. I hope the good ol' doc can shed some light on what the heck is going on. Teeth? Infection? This is not a fun part of parenting, worrying about the little bodies. But Tiffany and Sam definitely put things in perspective for me.
It's just one of those days that I can't believe one day I won't remember how hard this is. Really? I can forget this? Most of it anyway? I want to remember! The good stuff anyway! And even the bad, it all makes it what it is. In all honesty, I sure would like today to pass into oblivion - I wouldn't mind forgetting feeling this exhausted.
Pressing on.

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Sabrina said...

Oh I'm sorry things aren't going so well heather! I hope everything is ok with Asher! ANd that you have a good trip!

k & k said...

I hope your trip blesses not only Tiffany but you and Lana also--she is so lucky to have friends like you! Hang in there--you are an awesome mom with your hands full but your love is still overflowing on those boys!

MidnightCafe said...

Wow! That's a full plate! I hope Asher is ok. Poor little guy. And (((hugs))) to you...being a mom can be so hard.

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