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We waited a long time to find out, what with all the crying, but it seems our Asher is quite a ham, and a really sweet boy. That second picture cracks me up more than words can say. He's been doing this thing with his nose, crinkling it up. It is so crazy to see your child's face do things that your own face does. I can make a million folds on the bridge of my nose too! I don't know why he started doing these faces, but the crinkly nose one seems to be a way to make you laugh. And sometimes he does it when he wants to smile at someone, but he's being kinda shy about it. It's so adorable. Babies really are the best. It's so cool to watch a person unfold. To see their personality develop, watch the ways they change. It always surprises me that they know so much so quickly! I want to remember that he is such a cuddler. He'll nuzzle his face in my neck, hunch his back and stick his butt out to get as close as possible. He's got new tricks every day, but that one is my favorite.

And suddenly they are two, with their own ideas about everything. Miles currently loves to wear one-piece jammies and calls them tubby tubbies (Telletubbies), since he feels as if he's a bit like Tinky Winky or LaLa when wearing them. Do I love Telletubbies? Why, no! I have my own ideas too.

Funny how jammies can be so much fun, but bundling up for winter....not so much. Let's just say we have a battle about snow pants and mittens on our hands (pun intended). Miles hates mittens especially, and who can blame him. He can't grab a thing when wearing them, so what's the fun of playing outside?

Miles loves a lot of people, but I think Miss Kate is definitely one of his favorite friends. This picture is a treasure to me. I love that he and I have a lifetime friend in common. One that knows us just as we are; the good, the bad, and oh yes, the ugly, and still thinks we're cool.

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Sabrina said...

I say bring the kids to the dang party! You can be Juno, Miles can be Paulie Bleeker and Asher can be the baby... or is that too weird? Oh wait Miles can be Rainn\Dwight the grocery store guy! How does that sound???? :)
But seriously imagine Miles in tiny running shorts and a track tank on!!! Oh My I am dying!

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