A fellow blogging mom from AZ inspired me to make a list. A list of 100 things that I'm grateful for. Or simply good things in my life/things I love. I read through her list and felt the need to make my own. It will be a good reminder, especially during this winter that seems to never end, to look at life differently. To realize that there are at least 100 little beauties in every day, every moment even. So here it goes. I'm sure I'll have to come back to this about 100 times in order to finish it, but what (or shall I say who) is pulling me away will be good inspiration for "the list." I'm sure that when I'm done, I'll finish with describing why the list was so cathartic.

(even if daddy looks a bit drunk)

2. How Miles laughs like his daddy. 3. The way Asher sucks my chin like he's trying to kiss me 4. blogging 5. The feeling in the air in the country 6. Surprise visitors 7. Bringing someone a meal and knowing they don't have to do anything but eat it. 8. Beth Moore studies at Park Ave. church 9. Lake/Floaty/Friend 10. Margaritas/Red Wine 11. When Miles does something nice for a little friend without being told to do so. 12. Cranking up the heat in the shower. 13. Being alone in the car with Sara Groves. 14. When all the laundry is done. 15. Grilled food 16. A GOOD cup of coffee. 17. Watching Friday Night Lights or LOST with Ryan. 18. The smell of rain. 19. That I'm still friends with childhood buddies. 20. My dad's hugs. 21. Discovering a new little place to eat that's family owned and operated. 22. Bringing stuff to good will (purging). 23. pop-overs with honey. 24. Reading before bed until I can't keep my eyes open. 25. When Miles does "the robot." 26. Being able to nudge a dear friend and know they're thinking what I'm thinking. 27. Tia's dog sigh. 28. Two boys in a bath tub. 29. The right song at the right moment. 30. Lana's sense of humor. 31. Making a good meal for my family. 32. Ryan doing the dishes after the good meal. 33. The outcome of struggling through an argument with honesty; the lessons learned because of the words said. 34. Book Club! 35. The noises Asher makes when he wakes up happy and refreshed. 36. The look on Miles' face when I pick him up from school. 37. The way Miles prays before a meal "thank you for God and thank you for food Amen." 38. When my friends speak my thoughts. 39. Day dreaming about living in the same little commune as my best friends. 40. New babies and the looks on the faces of their moms. 41. The way Miles says carefully, "careforee." 42. New slippers. 43. The look on my sister's face when she sees my kids. 44. An unsolicited thank you from Miles. 45. The way Ryan calls me sweetie. 46. The little surge of energy I feel when I touch a tree. 47. Dr.Pepper/Mr.Pib 48. The funny comments my friends make on my and each other's blogs. 49. The warmth I feel when I enter the city limits of my home town. 50. How proud Asher looks when he does something new. 51. Burnt orange. 52. Chai tea. 53. Laughing with friends over silly things we've done. 54. Sitting down to a meal my mom has made. 55. My Aunt Sandi's laugh. 56. Taking a deep breath. 57. Stretching. 58. Cold, soft sheets. 59. Stories or songs made up by Miles. 60. Talking for hours on end with Katie and never running out of things to say. 61. The first warm nights of Spring. 62. When Asher falls asleep quickly with no crying. 63. When Miles accepts my answer to "why." 64. A clean, organized, clutter-free home (I'll get there one day). 65. Crosswords. 66. A hand-written letter, given or received. 67. My IPod. 68. Natural light photographs. 69. A long walk with my dad. 70. The way Miles loves his cousins. 71. Coming home after being away for a few days. 72. Bubble gum ice cream. 73. The way my Grandpa used to say he'd give a quarter to whoever saw the Kensington water tower first whenever we were in the car with him, while singing along with the Oak Ridge Boys. 74. Board games. 75. Beating the pants off of Ryan at board games. 76. Selling things on Craig's List (purging). 77. Talking on the phone to have a break in the day. 78. Hearing that Miles is the class clown at school and that he "brings in such positive energy." 79. Validation (giving and receiving). 80. "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers, anything by John Eldredge or Philip Yancey. 81. Catching up with old co-workers. 82. When Ryan says something ridiculously funny and we both can't stop laughing. 83. Key lime pie. 84. Christmas at Grandma's. 85. Knowing I can tell Ryan anything and he'll still love me. 86. Getting a massage. 87. Typing really fast with no mistakes. 88. Looking over my collection of books. 89. That Ryan has all the seasons of Felicity on DVD. 90. When Asher and Miles are both in Miles'bed, laughing and being "gentle." 91. Realizing that it's not up to me/Surrender. 92. Peeps. 93. Grace. 94. Hearing what loved ones named their baby. 95. Getting to know a new friend. 96. Checking on Miles and Asher before I go to bed. 97. The unfailing support of my family. 98. Making people laugh. 99. Turtles. 100. Boggle.

Wow, that was easy. I did have to come back to it all day long, many times. I'd walk away with five more things in my head that I was about to type, and I'd just hope I would remember them when I got back to it. I'm sure I didn't, and yet I came up with five more to replace them. There are so many things to enjoy and remember as little graces in life. Mostly I just kept typing and typing, every once and awhile stopping to think about my very most favorites. That felt good. Give it a whirl. Or at least comment with about ten or so, it's a fun "getting to know you better" game. Now I must go check on the boys, take a deep breath, stretch, read until I'm super sleepy, and sleep.

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k & k said...

I am grateful my grandma used to blow dry the bedsheets before we crawled in so it would be nice and warm.

HEAT--in weather and food.

Falling asleep in a tanning booth. (naughty kelly!)

Rinsing out hair dye.

Playing in the yard with Betty.

Kyle's imitation of the late Bailey Joan.

The endless wit of my BFF Sarah.

Hearing the opening song of the Office and knowing Kyle will crank the stereo and start air drumming.

Haivng roomates I am still friends with--shout out to you 52! :-)

Jessie said...

I am so glad you made a list... it was very heartwarming after the exhausting ritual of getting two boys down for the night. I'm sure you've thought of at least 100 more since you made the list. A few comments: I have yet to find an acceptable answer to a little boy asking "why?"; I also love that my husband calls me sweetie (and that it drives all of our siblings crazy how much we say it); and I love that you made the distinction between a cup of coffee and a GOOD one, so true.
p.s. I so appreciate your validation of my use of the bribery and prunes combo

Anonymous said...

1. I'm rather surprised Boggle didn't make it into the top 10.

2. In case you run out of places to bring food my address is:
Plymouth, MN 55INEEDFOOD :)~

3. My "Katie" is moving in with me tomorrow . . . so now I won't have to abscond with yours! yay!!

4. I am currently envious of your time management skilz to make such a list.

5. FINALLY saw Juno... and thought about you the whhoolle time, homeskillet.(except for the moments I was thinking, "Dang, is it me? or does Juno look like a 16-year-old version of Eden??")

Bonus Item: I should pr'ly call you soon, huh?

xox, crock

Sabrina said...

*I echo kelly on the blow drying the sheets! that made me so happy too. And when grandma would give me a bath and put a wash rag over my eyes so soap wouldnt get into them.

*the feeling i get when i drive through New Hampshire

*my brother and his smile and silly sense of humor

*heart to hearts with my BFF Rachel

*eating really good food with really good friends

*exploring new cities

*my bed

*wedding cake

*men that smell really really good!

*being in the water

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