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I read in a magazine recently that there are MILLIONS and more millions of blog sites out there. It said that most of these on-line journals are written for two people, "the blogger themselves and the blogger's mother." I had to laugh cause it's pretty true. It's not like many bloggers have hit some sort of famous author status. And if so, it may be possible it will be one of those fifteen minute types of fame.
I think about that sometimes because as I'm writing I often forget my words are read by a (small) handful of people. I'm mostly doing this as a journal for my family. I would love the boys to know what they were up to and when. I would also like to be able to look back over all my feelings. I guarantee that I will hardly remember it. I have a pretty short memory for important things. Ask me for ALL the phone numbers of childhood friends and I can rattle 'em off. But when someone says, when did Miles start crawling? I'm all, "um, I think it was around eight or nine months but I could be totally off..." Sad but true. This motherhood thing leaves me forgetful. So forgive me if my posts head toward being a lot of "milestone markers." I just want to make sure to include that "little" stuff because it's so NOT little when it happens.
For instance. Asher slept TRULY through the night two nights in a row. It all began on Friday when Kate was here for a visit. It was naptime and Asher slept for around a half hour. I went in to try to get him to go back to sleep and he freaked out. I came out (without him) and asked Katie if she could go in and get a sense for what she thinks is the reason for the freaking. Not tired? Pain? Defiance? Hunger?.... So she did. And an hour and a half later Asher was sleeping again. Katie stayed by his side, knowing that he was exhausted and simply fighting sleep. She would reassure him with her prescence and only picked him up if he REALLY lost it. Then as soon as he calmed, she'd put him back down. She came out a couple times and would laugh and shake her head and say something like "that is one stubborn little boy." Then he gave in. Katie has done this another time when she was watching the boys for me. After that, Asher was much improved, but my inconsistency set him back again. I'm not being hard on myself, it's just difficult to be consistent when Miles is here. I can't leave him alone for hours while Asher and I battle it out. So we get off track. But this time, it seems something changed for good. I don't know for sure, I can only hope, but I think Miss Kate broke my baby like a cowboy breaks a horse! That's sounds awful, but it may be true. She really is a baby whisperer, I know that much. So who knows? Maybe we're getting really close to that light at the end of the tunnel and we're gonna come on out and enjoy the sunshine! After that nap, Asher has gone down for sleep with very little fight, rarely wakes up constantly like he was doing, and his longest stretch of sleep was from 10pm to 6am. That's SO great, I can't even say how great...
Speaking of the little monster, he's waking up right now...It's funny, I'm always so happy to see him.
Thank you Kate! Here we go again, we may be on to something! If she really did "break him" in one day, she is a baby miracle wonder woman.

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Jessie said...

I'm glad you check out my blog; now I don't feel like such a blogger stalker for periodically checking yours out. I wish I had the patience and way with words that you do for describing so much of your days and the feelings that come with them. These days I mostly just scramble to get pictures up. I agree that we have so much in common. And I definitely recommend writing your own list. It really helped me appreciate things and I've read it almost everyday since to lift my mood.
p.s. Who is this Kate and can I fly her to AZ?

Sabrina said...

Save the drama for your mamma! Glad to hear the Asher is living up to his name. You are blessed, he is happy.

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