15 Reasons

1. Because he wrinkles his nose and blows like there are birthday candles while changing poopy diapers.
2. Because he ran red lights (carefully) and wouldn't stop praying out loud when Miles had a bad reaction to being introduced to formula at four months old. This reaction caused excessive vomiting until the wee one became listless and pale. At the ER he improved and we went home, relieved and stronger than we had been before we arrived.
3. Because he can act silly and play right along with any imaginary game Miles can come up with.
4. Because he's always thought Asher was just perfect, even when he screamed all the time.
5. Because he gets up in the morning, every day that he's here, to be with Miles and lets me "sleep in" a little with Asher. No questions asked, just out of the goodness of his heart.
6. Because no matter what errand he needs to run, he's always willing to take along a boy or two, simply because he likes it.
7. Because he'll laugh out loud at the silly parts of Miles' favorite TV shows and movies.
8. Because he can turn anything Miles might not want to do into a fun game.
9. Because he tries desperately to keep his eyes open while sitting with the boys in the evenings, watching them play, even though he's dog tired.
10. Because he misses us so much when he has to travel for work and always asks, "how are the boys?" in the exact same tone, like he just can't wait to hear what they've been doing.
11. Because the one night that he went home to get a "good night's rest" after Asher was born, and we were still in the hospital, he came rushing back at 1a.m. I called to say that Asher had a scary choking episode and was in the special needs nursery. He didn't ask any questions, he just came.
12. Because he is so patient when Asher won't sleep, spending endless amounts of time, gently rocking and consoling, until he sleeps again.
13. Because he believes in me as a mother.
14. Because he participates so much with the daily grind. He knows all the ins and outs and can take over at any time.
15. Because he loves all three of us so unconditionally.

15 reasons to appreciate Ryan. I got me a good one.

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Anonymous said...

Heather, what a very sweet and touching tribute to Ryan your Love! Makes me think about all the stuff John does for us - good reminder for me to tell him! Tona

MidnightCafe said...

Oh, so sweet! Makes me want to go write my own list. :)

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