International Justice Mission Banquet '08

My birthday isn't until the end of May, but I'm already super excited for it. I'm usually not, but this year my birthday falls about a week before the International Justice Mission's Minneapolis banquet. I don't think I've been this excited about going to something in a very long time. My Mom and Dad made it possible for the four of us (mom, dad, my sister, Shelly and I) to go! And I consider this the best birthday gift ever. Mostly because I'm such a believer in this human rights organization. But secondly, Sara Groves is the musical guest, and everyone knows I'm more than a big fan. Also, there's no way I'd be able to spend the money to go, even though it's well worth it in my mind. So I'm more thankful than words can say.

I thought I'd share a little more about IJM today. So the first link is IJM's media montage, which basically summarizes what they do. The next is a Sara Groves song called, "I Saw What I Saw." This song makes me think often about how knowing what I know about the work of IJM means that I have to do something. I can't pretend I don't know because the knowledge is right here with me all the time and I'm moved by their work. I can't get the pictures of little girls in brothels out of my mind. Of course it's not necessarily an uplifting thing to think about, but at the same time, I feel uplifted because I can do something, anything to help, and that's an honor. I'm not sure yet what to do besides spreading the word, but I feel like I'll figure out what more I can do soon enough. And I'm even more excited about that than the banquet!


"I Saw What I Saw"

If you're interested in this, the IJM banquet is May 27th and more information can be found on the IJM site (it's in my link list). Purchasing a ticket financially supports IJM's mission, obviously. But it's also an opportunity to learn about more ways to help. Happy weekend!

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Sabrina said...

Ooh i just got my official invite in the mail! I might have to go! Plus Sara Groves too! YOWY ZOWY!

Heather said...


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