The Bad Plus on Conan!

Mark your calendars! Ryan's brother Dave and "The Bad Plus" are going to be on "The Conan O'Brien Show" this Friday night! We're so excited for them. If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, "The Bad Plus" is Dave's jazz band. Give them a listen. Good stuff-jazz trio (piano, bass and drums). Dave is the drummer. I've never seen anything like Dave playing the drums in my life. I'm not just referring to the funny faces he makes, working so hard and getting so involved in the music, it's just simply amazing to see such a gift!

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Sabrina said...

Nifty! I will have to watch fo shizzle!

Sabrina said...

I just listened to them cover "Smells like Teen Spirit" and it was the SHIZ!

The Kings of Lauderdale said...

Isn't it amazing? Some of their music is so "amazing" that I don't even understand it. This is music? I like it, but what the heck is it? That sort of thing. I guess it's a bit beyond the likes of me - musically challenged.

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