Snow Day

Minnesota March
I wish the hail-sized snow of today was uglier so I could hate it more. You can't really see in the picture, but those are some big, beautiful flakes!
Of course, all the Minnesotans know this, but I thought I'd share for our out-of-state friends. I shoveled once already because it's SO heavy.
Happy Spring.

We're still in good spirits though because we got to spend the morning with Mackenzie, Olivia and Ellorie. They're such good friends.

Olivia (Livy)

Ellorie (Ellowie)

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k & k said...

This snow is quite the April Fool's joke! Next thing I know there will be a polar bear!

What a teaser for me--I'm meeting Ellorie tomorrow!

Heather said...

yeah, I'm done with thinking it's beautiful now. After shoveling the second time I decided I had enough exercise...

Jessie said...

now i feel guilty that my air conditioning is on! I should suck it up and live with 80 degrees.

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