Random Facts

Some things to remember about 2yr. old Miles and 8mo. old Asher:
Lately Miles thinks it's really cool to say "poopy" - REALLY cool.
Asher has started to talk!!! He says "ball" a lot. - his first and favorite word.
Miles is totally into giants, superheros and the like and can imagine anything.
We are out and about nearly every weekday morning, and home most afternoons.
Both boys nap at around 12:30 or 1:00pm, leaving me a good half hour of "free time."
Miles still has the BEST sense of humor, cracking little jokes and understanding ours.
Asher laughs hysterically at throwing stuff (snow off the shovel or a ball are his favs).
Both boys are SUPER ticklish, all over, all the time.
Miles currently LOVES to "help" do dishes. We go with it and clean the floor later.
Miles is still SO into cars and tools. He helps daddy downstairs and in the garage.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays when Miles is at "school," Asher and mommy hang out.
I'm trying to teach Miles about respecting girls by holding the door for them and letting them go first.
Movie night is Friday night and we always have popcorn.
Miles is starting to have true tantrums, thankfully they're short. I hate the sadness on his face when he sits in time-out. Discipline stinks, but we already see him learning from it.
Asher could hold a piece of paper all day. The trouble is keeping him from eating it.
When Asher goes down for a nap or to bed, we stand by the crib a minute and sing before putting him down and he snuggles in with his head on our chest and his butt sticking out.
Both boys LOVE water - baths, puddles, sinks, hoses, pools, lakes, drool...
Miles honestly NEVER stops talking when we're in the car. Constant questions, singing, stories and ideas. If I say I need a break from talking he says "WHY!?"
Asher still hates to be left alone. If you set him on the floor to "play" he almost always immediately starts crying. If he sits on your lap however, he's perfectly fine.
Daddy still travels for work often and Miles is starting to really miss him and notice the difference. The other night in bed he was saying very sadly, "my Daddy is at work, ooohhh..."over and over.
Miles LOVES his cousins, Ella and Otis and Zach and Max. He could hang out with them every day.
Everyone gets a kick out of Asher's big cheeks and wants to squeeze them - he doesn't appear to enjoy this.
Asher has been going to bed for the night at 5:30! Miles did this too. They sleep better that way cause they get so over-tired otherwise. Miles still goes to bed at 7:30pm, but talks a long time to himself and God.
Miles is still totally uninterested in potty training, but it seems we might have to start and see how it goes, his body is perfectly ready, he just thinks it's a waste of time (no pun intended).
Favorite snack for Miles: crackers and raisins.
Favorite treat: cookie
Favorite show: still Curious George
Asher's crinkly face, scrunchy nose smile (or cry) continues to be one of my favorite things.
Well, that's enough for now. I just don't want to forget and I KNOW I will, so I'm sorry if this is totally boring. I'm nostalgic to the core. Good day!

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