Go Row Your Boat!

Today is one of those days that just feels good. First of all, the weather! Oh, what a relief. Monday we had a blizzard and today I watched a convertible drive by with it's top down. Crazy Minnesotan! But I totally get it. If I had a convertible, my top would be down too!
I watched "Ellen" this morning too, which is always a special treat for me. I don't turn on regular TV with the kids around (call me crazy but I hate it when they see commercials). But anyway, Miles was at school and Asher was asleep so I got to catch some of the show. There was a guy on that recently boated across the Atlantic. Now, that's no big deal if you're on a ship or a boat with a motor, but we're talkin' ROW boat. I'm sure many people think the dude is a total nutcase. But me? I think he's inspiring! What a free spirit! What an adventure. WOW. That's what I think. I love to hear stories of people really living their lives, no matter what the cost might be or how much it goes against the norm.
Then Ellen did a little joking around at a spa. That, my friends was hilarious. This woman was all covered up, eyes masked and Ellen comes in and starts totally messing with her. She turned on some "relaxing music" which of course was hip hop and put ham on the woman's face. She talked incessantly about how it's nice to come to a spa because then you don't have to listen to people talk. This sweet woman never ripped the mask off and screamed, "get away from me!" She was so kind and patient. Then she got done, took off her mask and totally freaked out when she saw Ellen. It was like candid camera with Ellen, what could make me laugh more? Not much. I love silly humor like that.
I hope my boys love to laugh and enjoy life. I hope they do something "crazy" like rowing a boat as far as they can. I hope they trust life that much and really break out of the ideas we have about how to live "comfortably." I know, I know. Be careful what you wish for right? I would be terrified if either one of them did something so dangerous, but at the same time I hope I would be thankful that they have enough confidence in this life and the next that they're willing to seek adventure ambitiously and just...LIVE. Even if the adventures are not quite so severe, I just want them to choose to give their dreams a go. Maybe it's spring fever talking. Or a fleeting moment of mother insanity. I hope not though, I hope I never hold them back or remind them too much of the negative side of dreaming. I hope I encourage and then encourage some more, helping them continue to believe that all things really are possible.
Dear Miles and Asher,
Hopefully you'll overcome the need to be careful all the time that I'm currently killing myself to instill - "WATCH FOR CARS! DON'T TOUCH THAT, IT'S SHARP...HOT...GERMY..." I would love it if you would take some common sense with you on your crazy adventures, but I realize that boys aren't so good at that, and it scares me a little. Or a lot. But I'll try to relax and enjoy the ride with you, in person or in prayer. You were made to experience life, to live fully and revel in God's creation. So please do. Dream something and then try it. There is so much freedom in the trying, even if things don't always work out. Your dad and I will be so in love with you no matter what happens. Please always remember that.

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Sabrina said...

You are the best mommy!!
Ok so this week got crazy... but how about a visit next week? Would you like dinner one night? Im in a super cooking mood!

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