Happy Birthday, Sister!

Grandma, Dad, Asher, Birthday Girl-Shelly, and Zach
Miles and Max
Zach and Max
There is something I just LOVE about this picture. I don't even know what it is, I just love it.

My sister had a birthday today and Miles, Asher and I were able to go spend part of the day with her and her family. We met Grandma and Dad at Dave and Shelly's. It was good to see everyone. Miles is so crazy about his cousins, it's always good for him to get his dose of them. Family is such a good thing. I can see an understanding of what family means unfolding in Miles. Maybe an understanding that they'll always be there and that his cousins are forever friends. An understanding that people like Nanny and Bapa and his Aunts and Uncles are connected to him in a special way. He's just starting to understand how his grandparents are his parent's parents. How confusing! But such a fun lesson. I am thankful for days like today, celebrating my sister's life and laughing over the silly things our boys are doing.
Happy Birthday, Shelly! Thanks for hangin' with the Kings...

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