Mama Bear

Sometimes my Mama Bear instincts surprise me. It happens when Miles or Asher gets hurt and that heart-wrenching cry pierces my ears and then quickly makes the leap to my heart. I fly into defensive and protective mode. Sometimes it takes a moment for me to gather my wits and deal calmly with the situation. Poor Ryan has been at the receiving end of Mama Bear's irrational fight response a few too many times- I'll say something like,"WHAT were you doing?!?" As if he sat idly by, indifferent to his child's safety. My rational mind knows that he does all he can, just as I do. But Mama Bear looks to blame someone for accidental bumps and scrapes.
I've noticed Mama Bear is also quite protective of my children's feelings. Even though Asher doesn't speak English (completely) yet. I still growl if someone says something unflattering. And just like when they get hurt physically, it takes a moment for me to think rationally. So the other day, when the four of us were at the mall (where I hate to go so I was in a bad mood anyway), and a teenage girl walked past us and said, "that baby has the biggest head I have ever seen," I became Mama Bear. Maybe if she would have said this somewhat indifferently, like it was a simple observation, I would have taken it more lightly. But it was more like she had just seen an alien baby from planet bignoggin. Like she was like totally and completely like grossed out. Mama Bear almost chased her down to trip her and then tell her what planet she was from, but the moment passed and I became me again, rather than a grizzly.
Experiences like these make me realize it's going to take a lot for me to act like a grown-up when I want to protect these small and sensitive little guys. I did quickly come to realize that this girl's opinion is coming from an immature and insecure time in her life. My Asher is the sweetest, most gentle soul. Knowing this is only fuel to Mama Bear's fire. She's going to need some anger management. Grrrrr...

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Sabrina said...

what a little brat!! I am a pacifist but i would totally put on my gloves for that comment!

Anonymous said...

Oh NO she didn't! SNAP -SNAP! Excuse me - I think I heard you wrong. HOW RUDE! Even if she's immature - her mama didn't teach her very well. Way to calm the grizzly, Heather. I love you Asher, big or small head, buddy! :)

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