Miles (after throwing a rock) - "A man has to do that stuff."

Asher is sleeping SO much these days. I won't go into detail, but it's funny how we wanted him to sleep so badly and now that he sleeps a whole bunch I worry he could be sick. Maybe I'm sick.
Asher is also consistently trying to say ball whenever he's holding one and uses the same "BA" for balloon. He says mama, but mostly when he's really mad that I'm not picking him up. Which is any time that I put him down. He's constantly getting teeth and would prefer the comfort of our arms and who can blame him. I couldn't even handle getting my wisdom teeth two at a time. This poor boy gets four teeth at a time (twice) and now is getting more in the back. ouch. He's also starting to move! Oh no, don't do it. He scooches on his butt or rolls, no crawling yet but I can tell he's starting to think about it. I kind of like immobile babies. Since they aren't moving...
With big brother Miles, we have officially entered the over-emotional toddler/preschool stage. Boy it's hard to know what to do. I'm very thankful for a husband who thinks like me about how to handle things. I can see how this stage could drive a couple crazy. It does us sometimes too, but generally I'm married to the kindest dad on the planet and even if I don't always treat him like I think that, I really do think that. He's an excellent dad. I can see how people get really mad and act in anger in this defiance stage. It's really hard when a person almost never listens to you. It's developmental and good and normal for them to push the limits to try to figure things out, but nothing is more tiring than remaining consistent and keeping your cool...constantly. I am so thankful that Miles is who he is. He really cares about pleasing us, even if we can't tell most of the time these days. He talked to Auntie Shelly on the phone today and he said, "I was making a bisisul (bicycle) to prise (surprise) my mommy and she would be proud of me." Yes, I will be proud of you my little man. Always. That you can know for sure.

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Sabrina said...

I must be losing it, but i didnt see any mention of a crabby librarian???

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