10 Months. No Dice.

Okay. So Asher still isn't crawling. I would like to say I'm totally cool with this. And I am. In the sense that he doesn't go anywhere or do anything without me knowing it. That, my friends, is totally cool with me. But I have to admit that I'm getting a bit nervous. Just a little. A smidgen. The worry monster is tap-tap-a-tappin' every now and again. There. I said it. He's ten months old for goodness sake (no offense, Ash Man, I love you dearly)!!! How long do we go with the doctor's explanation of "low muscle tone?" Isn't a body's ability to gain muscle tone somewhat important? It appears his tone is anti-gaining.
So now I'm thinking too much about this and have to keep reminding myself that Asher is not going to be sixteen and still sitting on the floor turning circles and crying because he can't go anywhere. I mean, he's "normal" in every other way so I guess his time will come.
I'm going to look back on this and wish I never would have concerned myself with baby mobility. I will laugh and roll my eyes and start worrying about something else. I just know it. For now I'm simply sharing my mommy worries. He'll be fine. His muscles will suddenly get un-squishy and he'll jump up and leave for college. I just know it. And besides, I have low muscle tone too. I just know it. I never work out and I'm quite a wimp. And I can still walk, so it'll be perfectly fine.

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