The Quirk Award

I've been reading a blog by a hilarious woman - http://www.hadleyesque.blogspot.com/
In a recent post she told some truly funny stories about her "quirky" and "socially awkward" husband. As I read, I not only felt there was a wife out there who could totally understand me, but I also felt a bit competitive. Because if there were a quirky husband competition, I would win hands down. No offense, hadleyesque...
My guy is loved by me for a thousand quirky little reasons. If not for his tendency toward strangeness, life would not be nearly as interesting. I wouldn't have to hear the theme from Dallas (yes, he watches it on DVD) and I would never feel so close to all the weirdest hats in the world. I wouldn't have to run and hide when he's mowing in penny loafers either. There are a hundred more little things like this, but I'll just share one big, happy quirky story for today:
When Ryan and I were first dating, we would go to visit my grandpa on Sundays. At the time, my grandpa was in an assisted living with other dementia "patients." There were a lot of funny stories in those days, but one I will never forget happened because of my dear husband. My Aunt and I were standing close to a piano with my grandpa so he could hear the carols at a Christmas party. Ryan was sitting off to the side on a small couch with a resident. At one point I looked over to make sure he was alright and was baffled to see him pulling the belt from the little old lady's pants. Well, I guess it was a love seat and all, but I quickly went over and said, "what are you DOING?" To which he responded, "she asked me to pull on this."
I guess I could have been appalled at this social blunder, wondering how he could be so willing to undress a confused woman, but I wasn't. Why? Well...that's just Ryan. He is so caring that he'll do pretty much anything you ask him to do. You should have seen this little old lady, pleased as punch. Someone FINALLY listened to her! She followed Ryan around after that, completely enamored by his kindness.

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C said...

I TOTALLY remember this!!!!! I also remember getting a pretty good belly work out during one particular walk, from gut-busting laughter as you recanted this story!

Too freakin' funny! ;)~
xo, crock

Heidi said...

Oh, Rhett would have pulled the belt too. TRUST ME.

I'll email you when I have a second and let you know how I found you. But don't you think I'm magical?

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