Grandpa Glenn

Miles' shooting stars did their job. Yesterday afternoon my grandpa Glenn was shot straight to Heaven, just like Miles suggested. My family and I were all there, singing to him as he left. It was a beautiful and unforgettable thing to be a part of. We are relieved that he can finally be done with his many years of struggling. But we'll miss him.
I don't really know much about my great-grandparents. I hope that reading this will teach my boys a few things about their Great-Grandpa Glenn:
He was the most faith-without-a-doubt person I have ever known.
He loved ice cream.
He acted like he might stop breathing if he didn't lavish love on his family.
He was truly funny and his whole body would shake when he laughed.
He loved to sing.
He had the hugest garden I have ever seen. My favorite-raspberries.
He called his wife "my beloved."
He really stunk at Wheel of Fortune; Grandma kicked his butt.
He liked "The Golden Girls," but would never admit it.
He loved animals.
It was his job to go open up the church on Sunday mornings and he taught Sunday School.
He was more ticklish than Miles. That says a lot!
He spoke a little Swedish; especially with his sister, Elsie.
He was so innocent and unassuming I almost want to call him naive.
But he wasn't naive. He was wise.
Every morning that I stayed with my grandparents, he was the first one up, either reading the Bible or making a huge breakfast for everyone.
He rubbed his pointer finger along his nose whenever he was bored, anxious or nervous; so pretty much all the time.
He is one of my favorite people.

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C said...

You have been one amazing granddaughter, my friend! I know you will be his very favorite charge while on duty as Guardian Angel.

Give yourself, Auntie Kay, and your mommy, too - a bug hug from me. I will be sending really peaceful, happy thoughts to your family while you take this time to celebrate his life!

Hey, maybe now we'll find out what was so cool about that darn number 8!

Smiling for your g-pa~

Sabrina said...

I am so sorry for your loss... But i am happy for you that you have beautiful memories to keep for yourself and share with your boys. Big Hug to you.

kim mokosso said...

Very sweet post. I am sending you hugs...love you and thinking of you and yours during this time. 2 shouts for g-glenn...may his memory live on for many generations. XOXOX Kim

MidnightCafe said...

What a beautiful post! I hope that so many lovely things can be said about me when my time comes. May the Peace of God be with your family this week as you say Good-Bye.

Tiffany said...

Hi Heather,
i am glad you were all there when he passed. I know you all will miss him.
love you,

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