Shooting Stars

This morning I called my mom to find out what time she and my dad would be getting here. The plan was for them to come and spend some time with us for Mother's Day. But my mom had received a call that my grandpa, who lives in a nursing home nearby our house, was not doing well. So instead of spending the day shopping and eating, we spent the day by my grandpa's bed. Before I left the house, Miles was drawing and I asked him if he wanted to draw a picture for great grandpa. I explained that he's extra sick and it would be nice to make him something, even though I knew that my grandpa is far past the point of being able to enjoy the scrawling artwork of his great grandson. After he was done with the picture I asked what it was and he said, "It's shooting stars. They are shooting Great Grandpa up to heaven."
Tonight I pray for that to happen. For the long road of suffering to end. I'm also saying prayers of thanks for the man that taught me how to love garden fruits and vegetables, whipped cream on my french toast, and the value of a good belly laugh. And I'm thankful for the little boy who saw my tears when I came home and hugged me, asking me if I was okay. He gives the best hugs that little boy. I'm so thankful. I'm just so thankful.

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kim mokosso said...

that is the most precious thing...evidence of God in your child is amazing! i am praying God's peace for you and yours, heather....love you.

Sabrina said...

I will be praying for your grandpa... sounds like you have had lots of great memories with him. And miles has such a kind heart... it's beautiful!

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