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Just a visual for comparison of Asher's size to that of a 3 yr old:

Asher is saying a lot of things now. I don't remember (sadly) when Miles started to say his first words. I just know he has quite the vocabulary at this particular point in his journey. It seems like Asher is supposed to be unable to do such "grown-up" things though. Like he's still a newborn. Maybe cause he's literally the baby of the family? Or maybe because the first six months of his life were a blur of crying, sleep deprivation and insanity? I'm guessing it's that one. I can't figure out how he learned anything amidst all the turmoil! But he sure did! He's so alert and aware all the time, taking things in and trying to say things I'm not sure he should understand. For instance I've been trying to teach him sign language for "more" and "all done," but he just stares at me and attempts saying the word instead. "Moa"
Every mother thinks her baby is the genius. People keep feeding into this belief and making my mother head bigger than it already was by saying things like, "look at the size of that head! He's gifted!" Or, "wow, with a head that size there have to be a lot of brains in there!" Yup, people continue to point out the size of the noggin. But at least most of them put a positive spin on it.

So Asher is a genius. Just so you all know. Uncle Kevin says he climbs out the window at night and takes french classes. It's probably true. Since he's brilliant.

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