Dear Self,

Remember what you learned on Wednesday, May 7th, 2008 at Park Ave.
On a regular basis pray with your kids for God to show them a person who needs help, or a way they can serve/assist/love someone in that very day. When they are young that can mean putting it in their terms, like "God, how can I be a superhero today? Give me someone to help and I will help You by helping them." Then look out! Cause He'll do it! And it'll be so much fun to watch!

I was wishing that you could have prayed this before we helped a lost dog find it's way home to a much relieved family the other day. Remember? When you told Miles he had acted like a true superhero saving the day. Now I know that in the future we'd be able to say, "LOOK, God gave us a job just like we asked and we DID it!" What a tangible way for kids to learn that God is real and He honors our requests; that He wants us to do good things in His name. That if we ask, He'll give us a really cool job. And if we listen and do what we know is right in helping someone else, it feels pretty great.
This is such a great way to help the boys correlate a few things; loving people like God loves them, knowing that this love comes from God, therefore helping them believe in God's love for them. And THEN Miles and Asher will have more self worth and confidence to go and do some more loving!
I hope that made sense because when you read this note to yourself/myself a year from now I/you might get confused.
Hopefully you'll be practicing what I preach!
Now Heather, if in one year, you have failed to remember this little teaching jewel, please don't be too hard on yourself. There's been a lot going on. Just get back on that horse and try again!

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MidnightCafe said...

That was such a great lesson on Wednesday! I'm not so good with remembering to do some particular thing every single day, but this is definitely one worth trying for.

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