Potty Woes

Potty training is stumping me. I'm a slightly creative mother, but Miles is certainly out-witting his mom on this one. I have tried all the tricks. But he continues to toy with my hopes of a diaper-free three year old. For some reason I have set a goal of age three, as in by his birthday. As in next month.
Now I know all you lovely mothers out there are smiling and rolling your eyes. Don't think you're fooling me. You're thinking, "oh, Heather just you wait, it'll be fine...he'll get it....when he's 'ready' silly lady." (Or something like that) .
So I'll try to believe that as I clean pee off the dining room chair while Miles stands next to the table dripping wet, calmly continuing to eat his dinner.

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Sabrina said...

Well I know nothing about pottie training... but here is something to amuse you. I was an early pottie girl, like 10 months or something like that... my mom said I hated being in diapers. And then we moved, and my mom said I started peeing again and not on the pot. SEE, moving has always traumatized me!!!!

Heather said...

If that happens again with this move I promise I won't tell anyone.

C said...

Heather, Heather, Heather... have you learned NOTHING in these long years of parenting???

There are NO "tricks" ~ except the ones the child plays on you!

(Give up this goal, and grab a Pull-up... your chairs, and your boy, will thank you.)


Heather said...

see? I told you "C" mother is rolling her eyes, saying silly heather. Just as I predicted...

C said...

Don't worry, my dear friend... you will get the last laugh. My GIRLS will be 13 some day...at the same time...and did I mention they are GIRLS!

We'll see who's rolling her eyes at whom then! ;)~


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