Life In Two Hours

Asher woke a little before 5am and I fed him. After that I tried to no avail to get him to go back to sleep. Well, I guess he did for about twenty minutes. I gave up on going back to bed a little after 6am.
Here is the list of what I've done since we got up:
-changed two diapers
-fed Asher breakfast
-got Miles up when he called out "moooomyyy, I'm uuuuuup!!!"
-fed Miles breakfast
-got Asher and Miles dressed
-discussed numerous topics with Miles including why he'll go to a new school when he's 3, why we can't go to G'ma Mary's cabin right now, and whether or not he'd like to go back to his room and start the day over being a good listener. (He said no by the way)
-took pictures of Honda in driveway for Craigslist
-called Ryan about posting on Craigslist
-filled out paperwork for preschool in the fall
-folded two loads of laundry
-put away clean dishes
-picked up toys and other miscellaneous junk
-cut Asher's fingernails
-got gum for Miles and discussed not swallowing it at length
-fed myself
-fought a cold
-received email on a job posting and took a look at it (could be promising)
-calmed a very overtired and cranky Asher x 20
-made coffee
-warmed coffee in the microwave x 2
-drank a lot of coffee hoping to wake up

And then it was 8:04am! Whew. The day's almost done...right? Please tell me it's at least lunch hour? No?
Oh boy, it's gonna be a long one...

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Sabrina said...

oooh let's trade. your day was rather productive, unlike mine.
so what kind of car is it? i need a new one!

k & k said...

i am obssessed with cheap cars. finding the amazing deals and wishing there was a market for a cheap car "realtor" type service i could provide. but who wants to pay someone to find them a $1800 gem? nobody. 2 weeks ago i decided i wanted a hearse--the ultimate station wagon! then that bubble was bursted with the reality of the gas it would guzzle. we are not in the market, but yes, my cousin SHOULD buy it! good luck with that.

Sabrina said...


Heather said...

well, you should want an eleven year old car with nearly 200,000 miles on it. it should be a given. It really should...

k & k said...

all in good fun. i know my "should" philosophy, trust you me!

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