I'm Lacking Subtlety

It seems every blog author I've read in the past few days has lost something. Literally. One lost her dog. Another her cat. Another lost a little faith in her readers. There must be some kind of "virus" going around because I've lost my share of things in the last few days too. These are things I should not lose and so I feel a bit sheepish about admitting I'm this disorganized. But I must be disorganized, because as of this morning I still was unable to locate my cell phone, my glasses, and my wedding ring. I am happy to say that two of the three have been found.

I have yet to find my ring. I'm slowly starting to feel a bit of a panic coming on, but I'm trying to believe it may still show up. After all, this has happened before. I usually find it within a few days. But the difference this time is that I really did know exactly where it was. And it's not there. You may be wondering why it isn't on my finger where it belongs. And the answer to that very sensible question is that I'm a bit allergic to it. My finger gets all bumpy, itchy, and eczema-like from wearing it. Ryan jokes that I'm allergic to him, but I'm hoping that's not the case...

Ryan also says that the ring will probably show up. Then he adds that if it doesn't, "it's a good thing it's insured." All good and well, I guess, but I would still feel sick about it. Ryan had it made, so it can't really be replaced. And I love that ring.

It had the most beautiful diamond, embedded in the band. It didn't stick out. The clarity of the thing was brilliant, but it wasn't all showy. I don't do showy very well. Ryan did an excellent job describing what he (I) wanted, to the jeweler. And the guy that made it did a great job of pulling off the many requests for subtlety. If I don't find it, I will really miss it and the memories it holds. It was in my Easter basket, hidden in an egg about five years ago now. It came after the gaudy, fake ring Ryan initially planted on my hand beside a road in my hometown, after acting like his car broke down to get me there.

Everyone else in blog world that has lost something lately, soon found the item...or animal...or faith in people. I'm hoping for the same outcome. I'm sure if I don't actually find the ring, it will all work out just as it should anyway. For now I'm just gonna let myself get a little panicky...

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Sabrina said...

I hope you find it... however, in my former life i was a jewelry maker... although wedding rings always made me nervous. Who wants to mess up someones wedding ring? Now engraving... that i can do very well!

katieswen said...

It's Katie, Kim's sister, I had to write since I see that you are kind of a blog junkie and let you know about this great blog. www.mattlogelin.com I think everyone should read about this guy...it's great. Start at the birth of Madaline and read on...it may take a while, but sooo worth it. Have a great day. P.S. Love the blog...and hope you find your ring soon.
Katie Swenson

Sabrina said...

I just read www.mattlogelin.com
How very sad!!

by Heather said...

wow. anytime I need a dose of perspective and a good read, I will read mattlogelin. wow.
thank you, katie. I love it that you commented. Please send me more cool stuff whenever you like!

Heidi said...

Meh. I lose my ring at least once a month.

Once I lost it for six months and then found it wrapped around my hot rollers pin-things. I never use hot rollers, so I can't imagine how it got there.

Hopefully it will turn up!

MidnightCafe said...

Have you found it yet?

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