Whenever I hear John Mayer sing, "fathers be good to your daughters, daughters will love like you do...," my heart smiles a little. I have a father that is really good at loving. His love is quiet and at times reserved, but mostly it's unconditional and strong enough to be felt like the force of a hurricane's wind.

I give much of the credit for my ability to love to my father. He is interested, available, thoughtful, refraining from giving too much input. I know he understands and respects me by the way he takes seriously what I'm saying. Even when I get a little crazy and overly reflective, he has patience enough to quietly consider what I'm saying like it's actually quite important.

Today I walked by a man who was wearing a t-shirt that said, "you can't scare me, I have daughters." One of the little girls walking with him had a t-shirt on that read, "Proud sister of a cancer survivor." I was tickled reading the dad's shirt, understanding exactly what that statement was referring to, growing up in a house where my dad was out-numbered three to one. And then seeing the daughter, proudly displaying her love for a sister that has been through much... I don't know these people, but I'm sure it hasn't been easy. I couldn't help but think of that dad, taking his role with humor and light. As he laughed and talked with his daughters in the moments I watched them, I was reminded again what it means to have a dad.

Mine has been a strong refuge and place to find peace and strength in difficult times. He naturally carries with him the ability to pull off that quiet love and support that never goes unnoticed. When I call he always sounds excited to hear from me, even if he's busy working. He's good for a laugh or a long walk. When life throws me a little something scary or hard, I want to talk to him. That says it all. Now I just need to find him one of those t-shirts...

Happy Father's Day, Dad. I love you.

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joolee said...

Very sweet. You have a way with words.

Jessie said...

I love this post!!! Thanks for writing it. So sweet, I'm almost crying. I also am very blessed to have a wonderful father and it has completely made me who I am. And it has brought me to the point in my life where I find myself married to another wonderful dad.
I sort of fell off the blogging planet for awhile, but I still really enjoy your posts!

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