Yesterday Revisited

When I post something all crabby like yesterday I always end up feeling silly. Since a new day never fails to start and shed new light on the ridiculous attitude I had. Most of yesterday's post was me making light of the situation, but to be honest I wasn't really in a good place. And that's okay, it happens to all of us. It does help me to make some jokes about it on the blog and then move on. I love that.

Every person needs to say they hate dishes every once and awhile, but I sure can rant. Geez. Everywhere I've turned since posting that silliness, I've been reminded that I am NOT suffering.

Don't worry I'm not going to go get all hard on myself now. I just sometimes have to shake my head at how focused I can get on myself. And how focused I can get on things I don't like.

So here are some things I really like:
1. Walking through a bookstore and seeing book titles like Towel Origami and stifling a really big laugh.
2. Putting on my glasses and knowing it means I'm about to read or write.
3. Blogging about totally random things for fun, even when it's quite narcissistic and unimportant.
4. Running into people I haven't seen in forever at a place like Target. It's like a little, happy shopping vacation and distraction from "the list."
5. Reading fiction that answers questions I didn't even know I was asking.

All 5 of these things happened within the last two days. I love taking the time to stop and think about what really cool things fell together, even though I wasn't paying attention at the time. Little spirit- lifters, just when I need them.

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Heidi said...

Everyone's entitled to a few complaining posts. Heck, my whole blog is FULL of them. . .

Glad TODAY is better than YESTERDAY.

Elle said...

Heather - I LOVE this blog. Love the photo, the title, everything. You're RSS-ed and added to my blogroll and all that good stuff. I'm so excited for your next post!

MidnightCafe said...

I want to hear about those things from the fiction you're reading! And I really, really love your blog, too, complaints & all. You're so sweet & funny & honest. I admire that. ;)

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