Back When I Was Cool (Or If You're From Where It's 'Nicer,' This is for YOU)

A friend and I were talking about how the 4th of July is kind of like New Year's. You feel like you have to do something exciting or you're weird. Maybe it's because of where we grew up. Where the yearly 4th of July bash was the thing to look forward to.

Starting in about 7th grade, we could be found standing around the food-n-fuel parking lot, bangs ratted to oblivion, watching a town of two thousand turn into a town of more like ten thousand. It was very exciting for us to see all of our resort and camping friends, and those that spent their summers with us at their lake homes. Even if we weren't old enough to drive, we were still so cool. Who knew what friend from another town we might bump into, how scandalous! Who knew where we were going to run into that certain boy? We'd walk up and down the street (pretty much the only main street) to the gate of the "21 and over" street dance. We'd take a peek at the people behind the fence with mullets and rolled-up jeans, and head back to the gas station, thinking one day we'd be able to go watch the band...

It was like. the. coolest. thing. ever.

Then we got older and it only became more fun to run into people we hadn't seen since the year before. Especially since we had become even cooler, with crimped hair and pinned jeans.

We became old enough to come in and out of the two very well-populated watering holes, and to stand on the beach at the outdoor bar, looking for that certain boy. And we were finally behind the fence at the street dance, realizing it wasn't that much fun and heading back to the beach or to walk up and down the street, watching the crazy things people will do when they drink too much.

Then we got older and had families and moved on. Going to all of the events in our home town wasn't a priority anymore (gasp!). So now when Ryan and I are taking his brother and our boys home with us for the 4th of July weekend, I'm kind of at a loss for what to do. I feel a bit like I'll be going back in time.

Maybe we'll take in the parade, the fireworks, and a ski show? All of that sounds good. Not so much the street dance, though. I can't imagine it being fun to walk up and down and up and down (tiring), standing in crowded places feeling kind of old. And I don't have to go looking for that certain boy. He'll be with me.

Happy very exciting 4th of July to you!

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k & k said...

Like OMG...I am going to where it is totally nicer tomorrow for the weekend with my BFF! The last time I went there for the 4th was 1996 so it should feel different I hope.

Lounging on a pontoon for 2 days and probably taking in a watering hole at some point will be my grown-up-esque weekend.

I can relate to everything you said Heather--love it!

Kimberly said...

Canada Day is so boring by comparison.


MidnightCafe said...

Happy 4th!

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