Loaded Questions

I have been away from the computer for two days. I thought that I would take a break to gauge how addicted I am. Turns out I'm not that addicted, barely gave it a thought. Then again, I was busy.

Maybe if I was stranded somewhere with no hope of an internet connection and not much to do, I'd lose my mind. I'll have to try that sometime.

(But I don't really need to, since I'm totally not addicted.)

Over the last few days, hanging with the family, we've played a few rounds of the game Loaded Questions. What a hoot. It's a very simple game with lots of funny personal questions. You just have to guess who answered what. And laugh. That's all you have to do. Great game.

When the question, "If you had to dispose of a dead body, how would you do it" was asked, there was nothing but hilarity that ensued. You sure can learn a lot about a person...

So if I'm dis-membered and thrown in a lake, please know that Ryan did it.

Yes, that was really his answer. I'm sort of afraid now. Especially since "watching a monkey bathe a kitten" was his answer to, "what makes you laugh really hard?"

If you don't know him, please don't start to worry. My husband is an endearing kind of weird, I promise. Most of the time he's simply looking for a laugh. And he gets one.

My dad on the other hand, is totally harmless. He would simply throw the body in the lake, no dis-membering required. Me too.

Um. This is the most random post ever. You should really play Loaded Questions if you need a lift though. Super fun.

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Prodigal Jon said...

wow -
that is very cool that you are the daughter of the folks that created sonshine. I just looked at their line up this year, they have some big dudes. awesome stuff
stuff christians like

Sabrina said...

WOAH!!! PJ left you a comment!!! LUCKY!!!!!!

Kimberly said...

Luuuurve the randomness!

JustRandi said...

What a game! That sounds like one my family would love.
Hey thanks for your nice comments on my post today. It's so nice to see that cute little baby icon pop up!

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